The Key to Writing

The key to writing is very simple. The rules do not exist. Not truly. There are rules for publishing, but not for writing. For writing, there are no rules. And the key to writing, the key to being a writer is very, very simple.

The key is to write.

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People make mention of writer’s block and financial freedom and grammar and nonsense beyond. Let me make this completely and utterly clear.

A writer writes.

Plain and simple.

Alright, now that the most basic concept is out of the way we can get down to the more profound things. Right? Nope. The only thing a writer needs to do is write. A writer needs to sit before the blank page and write until the story completes. And when it ends, when that story reached the conclusion and the final word is down, guess what the writer needs to do next?

You got it; write.

The key to being a writer is very simple. You need to write. That’s the only rule. The only thing that matters to being a writer. Forget all the other nonsense that people say. You do not need to write a lot to be a writer. You just need to write something. You need to write from the beginning to the end, but not necessarily in that order. If you do that, if you write and complete your writings, you are a writer.

If you have written a complete story, you are the writer. You wrote. Congratulations, you have mastered the key.

To master writing, though will take a much longer time. However the way to become a master is to practice. And with writing, it is no different. So keep writing. It is the only thing a writer needs to do. The job may not be profitable with monetary gains, but it does offer a lifetime of knowledge that would otherwise be forgotten.

So write, Writer.

[Writer’s Stuff] [About Cat Hartliebe]

You are not an aspiring writer. You got that the moment you say you want it. You can be an aspiring author. That takes a lot more effort. There’s more keys to that one.

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