Print or Ebook?

Now this is one of those weird debates that people in first world countries have. #firstworldproblems sort of thing. [About Cat Hartliebe]

And I have to say I do not participate in the debates since reading is reading no matter how you read. Even audio is reading as long as you create the imagery in your mind.

If you like reading a physical book, yay, you’re a reader.

If you like reading an ebook, yay, you’re a reader.

If you listen to a book being read, yay, you’re a reader. <That’s how you started reading, remember?>


I do have a preference. I like reading text based books in physical form. I want to lie in bed eyes set to the words as the images whirl through my head. I really don’t like reading ebooks. If I have to stare at a computer I’d rather be working on my writing. I don’t even own a kindle, tablet, or nook. My mom does and I can steal hers to see how my formatting goes, but I have no desire to get one.

My first publication, a short story, was made into an ebook. It’s not long enough to be an actual book. But once I made a print book, I was all like, this is my favorite style.

Again, to make the point from above, I do not consider you less for reading on a electronic device. It’s still reading. And reading is reading. If you told me you read magazines, newspapers, or text books as your only reading material, I’d call you a reader. Reading increases vocab and skill no matter the ‘book’. It improves knowledge and understanding. Reading is the number one thing everyone should do. <Second most important would be washing your hands.>

And here’s an even stranger note about me and this strange debate: I prefer my comics e based. I’d rather read a comic on a computer or tablet than in print form. I have no idea why. I have several webcomics I keep up on, but the graphic works in the bookstore do not hold as much interest. Perhaps I see those in print are more pictures versus books and I’d rather hang them on my wall to look at? Okay, that’s silly. I have no idea why. It’s just my preference.

This debate is just silly. People have preferences. They are allowed to. And I will response with ‘Yay!’ Why? Because we need more thinkers in this world and to think means you have to read. Support literacy no matter what.

<One way to support literacy is to support Their Young Writer’s Program puts more money into the youth reading and writing. Writers unite!>

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