Thank You Person Who Bought My Book

As a writer, you really can’t expect to survive on your writing alone.
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You really need a name that sells before it can be your only income. I get that. In all honesty, I have no expectation that I will reach Stephan King or J K Rowling level. I desire it as many who write for a living whether there is profit or not.

Collecting 69 cents makes my day. That means one person bought one of my books. That’s all it means. Basically nothing in the long run. Someone spent a few dollars on something I made. Books are cheap. I sell my work for cheap. Go ahead and check Barnes and Noble or Smashwords or Amazon. I sell for cheap.

Because I do not expect to make a living from this. I wish I could. I write enough. What I lack is the ability to sell myself. Because if you do not sell yourself, no one will buy from you. I can’t do sales; I’ve tried. And with writing, it’s you selling your soul to anyone who is willing to buy. I can’t do it.

I’m excited to have 69 cents drop into my bank account. It’s amazing to see the green mark between all the red. Every time a book is sold, I get about that much. That is my aim for profit on a book. So depending on the cost of production of my book, the book is aimed to be about a fifty cent profit. I cannot compare the costs of mass market to my print on demand.

I’m babbling. This is me babbling. Or me being excited. Want to make me even more excited? Give me a month where I get more than 69 cents. I never had more than one book sell in a month, minus the first month of my first book. But I tried to become noticed then. I still didn’t make much in profit. But my position as an author is secure. I’m happy with my 69 cents. I can say proudly I’m an author because of those couple coins.

I will never stop writing. But if I lose that pride as an author, I may stop publishing. It’s a hard world to be in. Always show your support to those you want to make it. A little bit makes a huge difference. It’s like holding the door open for a stranger or giving away a cup of coffee to someone stuck out in the cold. Trust me those little things make the biggest difference. That’s what it feels like to get 69 cents. Thank you person who bought my book.

[About Cat Hartliebe] [Cat Hartliebe’s Books]

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