The Hardest Character

What do you consider the Hardest Character to write? [About Cat Hartliebe]

Even though I don’t show it, I’m not really gender controlled.  I look and act like a cis female, but I’m indifferent to being that way.  If I woke up in a male’s body tomorrow I wouldn’t be bothered by the different parts.  They wouldn’t interest me either.  My mind would be intrigued by the how it happened though, cause science like that doesn’t exist yet.

And sexuality… well… let’s say I’m up for interpretation.  I have a weird grasp on most of the desires and faults within those desires.  And what I don’t grasp, I can look up.  I find lots of weird information from a lot of varying sources.  If I don’t know it, I can’t write it.  Some things need to be realistic or not written.

So none in those categories are weaknesses for me.  Most people would then ask, well then is there a hard character for you to write?

Yes.  Yes, there is.  The stupid one.  This is the one who refuses to change.  He has his set ideals and values and does not wish to move away from them.  I can’t stand those people in life.

This is not to say I haven’t written a character like this, but they get downgraded to side or nameless.  How can I keep a main character who doesn’t change?  Who refuses change?   I’m still trying to grasp that one.

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