Poem: What is Gender?

Such words as Cis gender and Trans gender exist,

What is Gender?

Yet I still find myself wondering:

What is gender?

What is male?

What is female?

Not that such a person would be wrong to say,

“I’m female parts or not.”

What could that mean?

Are they man?

Or are they woman?

Does any of this make a difference?

Are we capable as a species to see they?

They could be she.

They could be he.

They could be neither he nor she.

Am I female?

I have all the parts, but I lack femininity.

My body screams she,

But my voices shout they.

Could I be mislabeled?

Perhaps the real concern is

Whether people relate physical form

With mental state.

Could we live in a place divided

Into binary gender units?

Perhaps it’s best to leave things as is,

To make those questioning feel like death,

To curse off those lacking in confidence.

Who is right though?

Cis or Trans?

To conclude this questioning line,

To answer all the previous thought,

You must answer one simple line;

The simplest of them all:

What is gender?

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