Random definitions in writing

Some random definitions I’ll use on my blog. 

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Dabbler:   Someone who tries to plan things, but end up half way.  They start a story, but never finish it.  Making a whole bunch of starts and end up with lots of things planned out, but nothing completed.  Dabblers have traits of both pantsers and planners and still need to evolve into one or the other.

Pantser:  Someone who writes without any form of planning.  Many use pantsing to propagate ideas, characters, or places.  Very few can create a well rounded novel with just pantsing.  Normally a pantser is writing a very thorough outline called a zeroth draft.  As a pantser progresses in their writing craft and ability to produce work, they turn into a gardener.

Gardener:  Not to be mistaken for a pantser, they offer very little in the way of planning, but they have notes somewhere on something.  This group will collect certain seeds to be planted in a certain place.  They will be given water and sun until they flourish.  A gardener does not control the story completely, but will align it occasionally so it stays growing strong.

Plotter: Someone who plots out the entire story until every little detail is fleshed out.  They will struggle if asked to pants a project.  It’s not something they can just go ahead and do.  As a plotter progresses in their writing draft and ability to produce work, they turn into an architect.

Architect:  Not to be mistaken for a plotter.  They have a controlled level of planning and can manage if something ends up misplaced or screwed up.  Architect will spend a set amount of time planning out their story, length based on length of work and complexity of said work.  They will not freak out when a random electrical or plumbing problem shows up unaccounted for or if things do not match the budget allotted.  They can pants if required, but prefer planning.

Hobbyist Writer:  This person writes because they want to and when they feel inspired to.  They will never look for this to be their job and will let life get in the way of writing <to an extent>.  A hobbyist is still a writer.  But it’s unlikely they will be published.

Professional Writer:  This person writes to their deadlines or to their set goals and aspirations.  Whether they want to or are inspired to, they write anyway.  They seek to constantly better themselves as writers and aim for the acclaimed title of published.  These are the journalists, authors, and technical writers.  Many people fit into this category without leaving their genre.  A rare few are both a professional writer of some kind and then a hobbyist writer.  Professional writers see writing as their life’s work and will refrain from life to make sure things get written.

[Writer’s Stuff] [About Cat Hartliebe]

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