Book Review: Because of Miss Bridgerton by Julia Quinn

It’s been a while since I did a book review.  That’s because I really cannot give a review on children’s books.  Shun if you must, but I haven’t made time to read something for 13+ in quite some time.  So today, I finally read an adult book. <YAY!>  I have to say it matched my expectation.

because of
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Book Review: Because of Miss Bridgerton by Julia Quinn

4 stars

Being a romance written in the now, you expect lots of erotica and a happily ever after.  Sad to say that is the normal state of the genre.  My favorite romances have a strong plot, lovely characters, and an engaging connection between the two falling in love.  This book satisfied me.  There was erotica, but the entire book did not happen between the sheets.

As a historical romance it suited other books written in the time period.  At least in the beginning I felt the style reminiscent of Jane Austen <which I will assume was an author Julia Quinn read.>  It pulled away from that fact at some point heading more toward nowadays romance versus Jane’s story telling.  I was not disappointed in either.  I do not particularly like Austen’s story telling, nor am I a big fan of sex scenes filling a book.

The level of descriptions is perfect for the genre.  It was enough to give me a clear picture without going too in depth.

The editing errors were lost in the late to middle of the story and unless I read it when an editor’s eye I probably will not be able to cherry pick what went wrong.  It was not bad enough for me to forgo reading the book and probably would not stop other readers within the genre.

The ending hit perfectly.  If this is part of a series it leaves enough open to draw in a reader.  But the book itself stands alone.  <Romance series are weird.  Unlike most series, a well done series switches out the main character.>  Honestly, part of me wants to go find more of Julia Quinn’s works.  That would be called high praise for a book.

Formatting and cover art give everything they needed.  The art didn’t distract or turn away me as a reader.  The formatting was at the standards you expect from published books nowadays.

Although I liked the story and would offer it as a suggestion if someone asked for my opinion, I would not go out of my way to suggest it to someone.  Because of Miss Bridgerton will stay on my shelf until someone comes along who’ll wish to read it.

Pros: Good use of descriptions; limited sex scenes; good ending; open to read more of her work;

Cons: Typical romance;

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