Badly Written Prose

One of the most valuable items you pick up when reading and writing is the ability to edit. 
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Its the ability to make your work stand out.  When I started over two decades ago, I sucked.  I really really sucked.  Even now my first drafts can be pretty bad.  I’ll switch POV at random.  I’ll lose track of days or settings.  Was my character tall or short?  Thin or fat?  What age am I dealing with again?  All nonsense that’s so easy to screw up. 

But more than that it’s the proofreading side that is easy to fix.  Proofreading falls into the grammar category.  It’s making your writing clear, concise, interesting, eloquent, and easy to read.  Editing makes sure your book is streamline and empty of plot holes.  Proofreading makes it pleasant to read.

We all start with a first draft.  It’s called a draft for a reason.  Consider it one.  Consider yourself dumping sand into a box hoping to make sandcastles later.  Or consider yourself finding all the ingredients for your recipe where as later you’ll actually have the cake.  Consider the first draft Badly Written Prose.  Because it is.

My current circumstance has me working on creating horrible prose, so my little Cyro can edit beautifully.  If I don’t make clear mistakes, they’ll miss them.  They’re just a kid almost in second grade now.  Cyro reads all the time.  They love it.  Writing complex sentences is a thing they like to do.  But when they don’t make the obvious mistakes all the time, they’ll never learn to edit well.

So, I needed to create a essay or short story for them to fix.  I asked them for a one word topic and they gave me plants.  Well, that’s a broad topic and I had fun writing it.  It’ll be interesting to see what they do to fix it.

Wish us luck!  <Below is the badly written prose I created.  It’s BAD.>

PlaNts: Our non moving relatives

By, Cat hartliebe

People like plants, I think.  The green things grow up tall.  Very tall.  I likes plants at least.  Humans eat plants for food.  ITS good food.  I can explain how plants survive even if humans ignore them.  Yup.

plants begin as a seed  Some plant’s’ seeds are small and others are large.  seeds come in many sizzes shapes colors and looks.  First, the seed in the ground.  Roots down grow.  Then, the seed grows into a small sprout.

The sprout is a very tiny version of the plant.  So tiny, much like a baby, it look very similar to most other plants.  Like a pea Sprout looks a lot like a Green bean sprout.  The sprout needs lots of sun water and nutrients.  after some time feasting, the sprout turns into a small version of the  bigger plant?

The smaller version like the biger version except it does’not make flowers yet.  It requires more food first.  The, plant, by, now is completely dependant on itself for making food.  A seed and sprout depend on the food left by the parent.  But by now the seed’s yummy leftovers are all gone.  (Bye-Bye!)  That means The Plant makes food by itself.

How.  Obviously, the plant has leaves roots, and stems.  The leave’s collect sunlight and air!  Plant’s breathe just like all other visible life forms.  They’re collect water from the soil through there root’s.  Take the stems the water from the roots and brings it to the leafs so that energy can be made.  the sugar, otherwise known as energy help the plant grow into a fully formed adult plant

The adult plant makes more plants by forming flowers  The flowers are pollinated by wind bugs and birds.  To attract the animals, flowers are generally, big, and bright.  Bees purple flowers.  Hummingbirds red flowers!  After poll’ination, the flowers make either fruits nuts or seeds.  “Seeds” are often carried by the wind to new areas.  Nuts are carried, and normally buried, by squirrely-like animals.  fruits are eaten with the inner seed or nut being planted where ever the Animal finishs it.

Once underground, the seed cycle begin again.  People needs plants.  Animals need plants.  Plants normally needs us, but not always.  Some plants only need the wind to pollinate and survive.  But most NEED an animal to bring they’re seed to a new area.  Next time you eat an apple, why not plant the seed and see if itll grow?

Did you enjoy correcting everything? I hope so.
If you need me to create another badly written prose, let me know. These are fun.

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