I am not a big curse-er.  Meaning I don’t curse often.  It’s not that I can’t or won’t; I just rarely see a reason to.  So I really don’t curse.
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That does notmean my characters don’t curse.  Many hold the same level as me cursing when pissed off or in pain.  Most hold that level as adults. 

Then I get some teenagers that like to curse a little bit more.  Only slightly, so that often times they throw out a curse for little to no reason.  Instead of saying wow they say damn.  That sort of thing.

I have not written an intense curse-er before.  One who uses curses in every conversation.  I can’t.  It’s not like me to limit such language and some conversations are pretty curse-filled, but to have a character be deemed the curse-er is just…  I don’t know.  They’ll be judged.  So to build a character like that without them seeming like a villain is not an easy task.  So I make it easy on myself and limit their cursing.

Cursing has an ability to turn off readers.  I know that.  It should not be completely denied, but probably best to limit it.  Still putting in a character who curses every fifth word wouldn’t be a bad thing.  <I don’t think I have enough of a curse vocabulary to do that though.>

Two options for the curse heavy.  Make them a minor villain, not even a friend of the main antagonist, but something who curses because they are problematic.  Or let their dialogue be bad and their actions be good.  In that situation, they either grew up thinking the words weren’t special and common, or they are doing it more of a sarcastic way.

Personally a heavy curse-er would end up being a minor villain for me.  If they were the latter type, my other characters would go about explaining the meaning of said words.  It would lead the character fighting his nature.  Limiting his speech if he cannot win.  Sounds like the wrong direction for the character’s fate to go.  I’m mean.

Cursing in books isn’t a negative, though.  In real life you hear curses every day.  Why would a book based on that reality not contain curse words?  Just because I don’t often does not mean other people don’t.

This of course is speaking of adult books or near adult books.  I would be horribly upset if my seven year old’s reading material contains curses.  He is only on beginning chapter books.  Curses are meant for teens and above.  An occasional curse by a kid isn’t abnormal, but inside their books it is.

I won’t hold back in my books.  I never will.  I don’t hold back in real life, so I won’t in my created worlds.  But you won’t see curses on every page either.  And even if one conversation is full of them, I’ll loosen the control it has by adding something else.  Next modern story, I’ll see if I can create a heavy curse-er without it becoming the bad guy.  <Actually I’m pretty sure I can add one of those types into Organization.>

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