I may write creativity as an author.  But I also graduated from college with a science degree.  That means I wrote technically and academically.  I loved that writing too.

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Writing is a hobby, a habit, and a way of life for someone like me.  I cannot get enough.  But writing a novel is far different than writing an essay about a novel or creating a scientific paper about an experiment you did.  Those three are completely different, especially when it comes to formatting.

I can create incomplete sentences for a novel.  No one cares.  If you were to do that in either of the other two, you will see a major red mark.  Trust me when I say focus on following all the grammar rules as a non creative writer.  You have to.

There are two very different formatting styles: MLA and APA.  As a scientist, I used APA all the time.  It got even worse when I wrote a technical paper because even though it “follows” APA is has a lot more to it.  MLA is used for liberal arts and humanities more than science.  Both are the key to getting a good grade by the associated groups.

Generally, based on the topic, you can assume one or the other format.  That may not be the case.  Whoever asked for the article/essay/paper will be the one to choose MLA or APA.  If they are clueless as to which one ask a senior who has done it before or guess based on the topic.

Now I don’t know the guides off the top of my head <especially since they’ve changed since I was in college>.  When I have to write <or help someone write> a paper, I first figure out which type I need.  Then I go to Purdue OWL.  Never heard of it?  You’ve missed out.  Purdue OWL is an education website with a ton of English writing resources.  Mostly I use them to keep my formats with MLA and APA papers correct.  They’ve changed with the times and I’m glad I found out about the site back in college.  Things have changed, but Purdue OWL are still my go to for writing concerns academically.

Questions or comments dealing with MLA versus APA format?  Ask.  I will seek out the information if I don’t know it already.

MLA (Purdue OWL)
APA (Purdue OWL)

[Writer’s Stuff] [About Cat Hartliebe]

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