Poem: Trapped Behind the Window Pane

I found a random poem while cleaning.  I have no idea when I wrote this.  Reminds me of a mix between a character in a book and being stuck in the hospital.  I remember wanting to desperately get out of the hospital. 

Trapped Behind the Window Pane

Out the window, I look
From the pleasures of my room.
The room of passion, perfume, toys,
I look out the window.

The bright warm blanket covers
My fine comfortable bed.
The candles are lit above my head.
My silk clothes wait for me.

I sit on the sill and ponder.
My fate is trapped inside here
Within all the treasures
That a thief would surely admire.

The caged bird who cannot be freed
Jailed amongst the prettiest things.
My soul cannot soar through all the hail
Trapped behind the window pane.

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