Book Review: Midsummer Night’s Mischief by Jennifer David Hesse

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Midsummer Night’s Mischief by Jennifer David Hesse

4 stars
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A nice story with characters I could relate to.  The main plot is the mystery.  With various side plots that kept me entertained while she found out who stole the book, when they stole the book, and where is it hidden.

The two questions going in was what age was my main character, and whether Wiccan was magic or religion.  She’s 29 going on 30.  She has a birthday during the book.  This type of story can be done with different age groups and ends up being quite different because.  (Different ages see things differently and expect different things.)  I was hoping this was someone about 30, since that would make the most sense based on the back cover.  Wiccan for the book is much closer to the religion than the magic.  She uses spells, but in much the same fashion that The Secret explained can be done in real life.  (If you seek positivity, positivity will come.)  Come the next book, it may get a little more magical.  But I don’t expect to see fey or demons coming out of the shadows.  Just a little bit more than real life.

I liked it.  My mom and I buy books in the genre of “cozy mystery” and “paranormal romance” to read together.  This one crosses both genres if only just barely on the paranormal.

Thank you for an evening of good reading.  So many of the books I read lately have editing mistakes galore.  This one didn’t.  Next time I see something from Jennifer David Hesse or Kensington Books, I’ll check it out.

Not five stars because I could put it down and do others things, and I’m not shouting about it from the rooftops or handing out copies to everyone I meet.

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