Book Review: The Witch of Belladonna Bay by Suzanne Palmieri


The Witch of Belladonna Bay by Suzanne Palmieri

3 stars
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This wasn’t exactly a bad book.  The grasp of language kept me stuck in the scene.  The story was easy to see up front.  I knew who did it, who’s she end up with <even if I hated the fact> and how easily her relationships would be fixed.  It may not have been obvious to everyone, but for me it was oh, it was him.  And nothing in the book made me think otherwise.  I was fine with the plot overall.  Just because I can read it doesn’t mean it’s bad.

There are two reasons why this is a three star and not a four stars like it could’ve been.  The main character had nothing that interested me.  Everything was going right for her.  She was one of those people with a golden plate complaining the forks weren’t silver sort of deal.  Those people are annoying, not interesting.  I didn’t even hate her enough to be interested in reverse.  If she hated her parents for their addictions while did she not have more against drinking and smoking?  Why didn’t the impact of addictions hit her at all?  She even let the child get away with it.  So why complain about your parents’ addictions?

She wasn’t enough of a punch to be have two personalities which can make a hypocrite work.  She wasn’t enough of an evil person to be hated.  She wasn’t likeable either.

That’s only the first big mistake.  The second was grammar and weakness from lack of edits.  It kicked me out of the skill with her prose.  Missing periods, commas in the wrong place, open quotes, paragraphs that started but shouldn’t’ve.  I was more angry over the failed proofreading than I was over what should’ve been an annoying character.

I should’ve had the desire to throw the book across the room because of her hypocrite nature.  And I didn’t.  I had no desire to.  This should’ve been a book I cried over.  I didn’t, had no desire to.

One more edit.  One more real edit going over everything would have made a huge difference.  Push her or pull her back, but make her shine for real.  Don’t tell me she has shine then make her dull.  I wouldn’t call her one noted, but that would be closer than fully fleshed out.  Byrd may have been a better main character.  She was fleshed out, although still not strong enough to be a main character.  Naomi had a background thought out.  She also wasn’t strong enough to main the character.

I was disappointed.  It was too easy for her.  As a writer you cannot make it too easy for a character.  Make them bleed.  Make them suffer.  And show us how they respond.

I cannot be that disappointed, I guess.  I did find it in the clearance bin at Barnes and Noble.  I understand why now.

Pros: strong grasp of southern sounds, although it may lack a little of southern depth.  Interesting idea behind plot.

Cons: weak characters over all, easy to read plot, grammar errors.

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