Book Review: Hearth Stone by Lois Greiman


Three Stars
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The well edited book left me with a feeling of completion.  It’s good to have an ending that completes the book.  I loved how I didn’t spot a single editing error.  There either wasn’t an error <not impossible, but rare> or a story good enough for me to miss the errors.  The story kept me entertained, so the latter is conceivable.

Now for the reason why it didn’t take a higher consideration.  There was some level of fleshing out of the main characters and even some of the side characters.  But there wasn’t a lot of it.  Honestly this story could have had me running through my emotions like no tomorrow if the characters were deeper and the plot more powerful.

That’s not to say it was a bad story just because it wasn’t as deep as one would like.  The main plot isn’t one I’d leave in fluffy zone.  Although it would be nice for someone who isn’t ready to heal yet, but needed something to express.  The romance is understandably slow, but probably could’ve been pushed a little more center if she wanted the book to sell well.  It is more self renewal and redemption as the quote on the cover says, but those two are hard won battles.  This book was easy to read and very smooth.  I never needed to put it down for crying too much.  Honestly it didn’t make me cry at all.  I’ve lost a lot in my life, a renewal and redemption book should make me cry.  That’s what I mean by not deep enough.

But it is a nice story and very well edited.  It makes me wonder if the author never had such a deep battle in life, so had little to work with, or doesn’t have the strength to write about it.

Am I surprised to find this in the bargain bin?  Yes and no.  It wasn’t the worst book and there are plenty who would enjoy it.  The problem being those who would enjoy probably won’t find it.  If the author fleshed out the romance and made it a little more center this would’ve had a major audience.  Overall I liked it.

[Reviews] [About Cat Hartliebe]

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