Accountability Goals of 2017

I need to have accountability if I want to complete these suckers. 
[About Cat Hartliebe]

Hard to do, but I have enough time to do them.  Here I go::

  1. 15 minutes every day of editing one of my books.
  2. 15 minutes every day of writing.
  3. publish at least two “books” this year, as always.
  4. attempt push ups every single day.
  5. read 100 books before december 31st.
  6. Bring my credit debt down to below my saving account.

These are easy, I swear.

I am so lying.  These terrify me.  But so far I’m doing alright.  And I know life may be hard, but finding the time to keep these goals isn’t as hard as people think.

I’m starting the year editing Single Mother Elf, writing Trigger, and with 10 push ups completed.  It’s a good beginning.  Number six will probably be the hardest.  I’m not sure how I can get my income in a good enough position to clear my debt.  Well besides persuading people to buy my books.

hahahahaha.  I’m such a jester.  I suck at marketing and don’t consider my own work a five star.  Since five stars are basically impossible, I need to learn to see my less than perfect books as good enough to show off.  Why can’t I?

This is why I feel like a failure as an author.  I can’t believe in myself.  If I can’t, who could?

Thanks.  I need some accountability in my life.

[About Cat Hartliebe]

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