Shudder versus Shutter

Ah, a weakness of mine.  I’m not good with guessing which is which during first drafts.  Now that I’m editing, I notice I really suck with shutter and shudder.

Do you know which is which? 
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Shudder is when you shake with fear, anticipation, or disgust.  Shiver can be replaced for it in many incidences.  Shuddering would be something my people do when they are scared, nervous, or disgusted.  Seeing blood gusting out of a injured character makes one shudder.

Not shutter.  Shutter is the wooden coverings for windows.  Shutters keep the weather out.  You can shutter a shutter, or close it.  But you are not shaking in fear when you shutter.

It has been years of me really questioning which one is which.  And I have to keep checking back.  It sucks to get caught by such things.  Luckily edits and read-throughs help me notice this difference.

That and reading other works.  And reading blog posts and random comments from other writers.

Plus I’ll randomly put in stutter which is kinda similar to quaking, but its your voice doing it not your body.  Stutter is a way of speech indicating you are doubling up sounds or syllables.

Does anyone else have trouble with words this similar in written form but are completely different?

[Writer’s Stuff] [About Cat Hartliebe]

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