WIP: Dragon Ball (Game/Sport)

This isn’t the anime.  Cyro and I created a sport.

At first it was to allow dragons to play a game of soccer.  It went pretty far from that, but still sounds like fun.

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Here’s what we came up with::

Dragon Ball   7v7

Each team has a nest, one defender, one ball player, and five(?) carriers.  It can be a two team battle or more than that.  Just make sure everyone has an even space and all teams have spaces that connect at the same point (a circle cut into equal sectors; rectangle cut into two/four equal parts).

The nest is where they horde the enemy’s items.  A team loses when all of their items are taken by another team.  The defender protects the nest from losing its collected items.  The defender cannot leave the team’s area.  The defender cannot carry the “ball”.

The ball player is someone who cannot move about on their own.  They must be carried around by the carriers.  The ball takes the items from the enemy.  The carriers can only touch their own items.  The ball can touch every enemy’s items.  The ball can only carry one item at a time.  They must drop their item off at the nest before retrieving another item.  If an enemy carrier captures them, they must drop their carried item.

The carriers protect their item, the ball, and sometimes the nest.  They can travel anywhere on the field.  The can only touch their own item.  It is up to them to bring the ball around to collect the enemy items.  They are allowed to collect their item from an opposing team’s nest, but only their item of value.

The item of value must be within sight and on the person at all times (unless taken by the ball).  It must be easily graspable and holdable by the ball.  Such items could be ribbons, bells, scarves, etc.  It should not require Knot Knowledge 101 to remove the item.

The number of carriers can be anywhere between three and eight without too much of a concern.  Having more carriers makes the game harder.

Be careful when carrying the Ball.  Dropping the ball can be an automatic game loss.  (Also people will get pissed if an ambulance has to be called.)  If for some reason the game must end early, the total points is by how many items are in the nest.  The highest number of items in the nest wins.

This is not a wrestling game.  Please be civil while playing.  Consider yourselves ninjas not bears.

There is no set time limit.  There is a suggested break time at every five minutes of play.  If the break time is called, everyone keeps hold of their items that they carry during break.  When the game returns, defender and balls are placed back into position first and foremost.  If the ball carries a team’s item, they are placed on that team’s field.  If not, they can be placed anywhere on their own field.  Only one carrier can be with the ball when restarting.  All other carriers can be anywhere on their field.

What do you think?  Sounds like fun, right?  I hope I can get a group large enough to play it soon.

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One thought on “WIP: Dragon Ball (Game/Sport)”

  1. This was created so the most important person would be the youngest/smallest/weakest. because thats who you chose for the ball.
    Think of the toddler getting a kick out of being the ball in this game.


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