Noun Verb Agreement

I am
You are
He/She/It is
They are
We are

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I remember going over the ‘to be’ list in every language I’ve ever learned.  It was probably the only verb to be reviewed in English.  It wasn’t even called ‘to be’ in English.  It was just “Learn this.”  <There was a lot of reasons I didn’t get along with a lot of my teachers.>

Noun verb agreement is far easier than it looks.  I learned more about agreement in French and German than in English.  In English, they just assumed we’d pick this stuff up.  Some people never do.

So we have the list of possible noun forms above: I (first person), You (second person/s), He, She, It (Third person singular) , They (Third person singular/plural), We (first person plural).

Normally people catch on to the pronouns.  Most verbs are either without an ‘s’ or with an ‘s’.  Such as dance and dances.  I dance.  You dance.  She dances.  They dance.  We dance.  This looks simple, right?  It is, like I said.  You’ve been listening and reading these pairings for years.  Trust yourself.

Then you get to words you are confused by.  Such as group.  Group is a noun.  And it’s singular.  You can have multiple groups.  Just one group, even if it contains thousands of people, is only one.  So group falls into the pronoun for he/she/it.

The group dances throughout the night.

Other nouns like group are team, pair, family, etc.

The team makes it to the final round.
The pair finds the perfect dress.
My family never sings on key.

If you have any questions how a verb conjugates in English or whether a noun is singular or plural, please leave me a comment.  It’s questions like these that get me excited for learning.

[Writer’s Stuff] [About Cat Hartliebe]

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