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So for your random enjoyment and knowledge, a bunch of questions about me.  If you have questions, ask away. [About Cat Hartliebe]

Q:  At what age or point in your life did you realize writing was a part of who you are?
A:  I’ve been enraptured by writing since I first saw my mom write cursive. I had no idea what words were back then, but I thought it’s beautiful. I was I guess three or four?  I tried copying her, which didn’t work.

Q:  What was the first thing you say you wrote as an author?
A: I really don’t recall my first prose work.  But I do remember my first poem.  What are Father’s Made Of?  It was silly and I was like five at the time.  It followed the path of “what are little girls made of?”  I still have it because I made a big poster of it and my dad hung it up at my nan’s house.

Q: Is there another field of work you saw yourself doing?
A:  I have wanted to learn and teach for my entire life.  My goal was to become a scientist and help progress the world through my patient study.  My body limits me too much for that.  I can still teach on a short term tutoring situation.  I’ll always learn, at least.

Q:  What guilty pleasure or quirky ritual do you have to have while you are writing?
A:  I don’t have one…  I don’t feel any guilt when it comes to my writing.  And I really don’t put weight on rituals that are baseless.

Q:  Who is your biggest inspiration?
A: Every writer who has come before me and every writer who still tries now.  I wouldn’t have published without seeing how others have done it.  I would forever think I’m not good enough.  That’s an excuse and a lie.  I’m not the best there is and probably won’t be called classic, but I am good enough.

Q: What is your favorite place and time to write?
A:  I’m indifferent to time.  Generally I would say the same to place, excluding the fact I happen to find my Barnes and Noble the best place to escape to and write.

Q:  Has anyone made you so mad you wanted to write them into the next book just to off them?
A:  Hahahahahahha.  Wait there are writer’s who haven’t done this?  I literally added a character to kill just because of the real life person.

Q:  Do your Characters ever argue with you and who wins?
A:  There is no argument.  No one wins in an argument.  We have debates, though and we weigh choices.  I ask them what would you do if and get a list of ideas to work with.  So I’ll converse, not argue.

Q:  What is the oddest place or time that a book idea has come to you and you just had to stop and write it down?
A:  Oddest?  I have the typical odd ones like middle of the night, middle of the shower, driving, walking, at work.  But what would I truly call odd.  Hmm.  I had a random thought for a story while sitting at the PTO meeting for my child’s school.  It was thirty minutes until I had somewhere to write and I had to wait.  Odd, maybe not, but it was annoying.

Any questions for me?  I’ll do another answering question post another day. 

[About Cat Hartliebe]

4 thoughts on “About Me”

    1. There is probably no happier moment than sitting in the hospital room right after Cyro was born. I had almost died. (Purple skin is NOT normal.) So knowing I survived and Cyro was alive and well. It was the happiest moment.


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