I absolutely love writing.  I am definitely in the prolific writer camp.  And I consider myself there because I can churn out works quite quickly.  [About Cat Hartliebe]

I have what feels like tons completed now.  And I aim to publish at least two a year.  Not sure how that wouldn’t be called prolific.  This may not be my “day job”, but in all honestly I can’t hold a full time job while keeping my health up and keeping my child from struggling.  I could probably figure out the latter if I could handle the former.  I cannot hold a thirty plus hour a week job.  When I cap out my jobs tutoring, I’m too wiped to do any work around the house.  That’s about twenty hours and it’s basically all sitting and talking.  <I don’t have enough spoons!>

Writing is a hobby more than a job right now.  Maybe that’ll change one of these days.  Hell, if everyone reading this blog post bought one copy of every one of my books and then told three people to do the same I’d be well on my way.  Actually that would probably force me to mark it on my tax return.  As much as I’m looking forward to making money as a writer, I am not looking forward to doing those taxes.  <Hiss, hiss, Taxes.>

So, I can call myself an author.  I’ve published.  Random strangers have bought and liked my books.  So there is nothing stopping me from calling myself a published author.  And I’m a prolific writer.  So if I can now get myself the title of Market Expert, I’ll be golden for the title of Best Selling Author.  <Real life titles are better than video game ones.>

Even though I have both the titles of Published Author and Prolific Writer I still question myself.  Am I good enough?  That’s what stops me from marketing.  The way to counter it would be to get more feedback.  Or get a marketer.  I have no money for marketing, though.  That’s also why my covers suck.  They were made be me.  Aren’t I amazing?  <No, my degree is not in graphic design.>

So I post to places like Wattpad.  It’s free for readers.  It’s free to post as a writer.  I have quite a number of stories up.  I like them.  I like showing off my works.  I know generally they are first drafts and need work, but I don’t have time to edit every single one.  So I post and hope people fall in love.

Currently the story I am writing is going on Wattpad.  Mission six of the Organization.  I’m 65k in, which leaves me with anywhere between 5k and 10k left to go.  The missions are supposed to average about 73k words or so.  It’s adventure/romance/political fun.  The series isn’t near done yet.  It bothers me to have so many stories in my head.  I can’t write them down fast enough.  And all I do is create more.

Writing is solace more than anything.  That’s why I can write so much so fast.  My head is filled with ideas and stories.  Why keep them trapped inside?  They are no good claiming space in my brain where they help no one.  I want to give people something.  I may not be capable of a lot being a sickling and all, but I can give my complex mind.  My thoughts can help someone somewhere.  So I’ll keep going.  Even if you tell me I suck.  <I tell myself that all the time; doesn’t work.>  I love writing.  I can’t live without it.

Wattpad has had all stories removed.

[About Cat Hartliebe] [Cat Hartliebe’s Books]

2 thoughts on “Writing”

  1. Finished Mission six about a week ago. and now I’m 39k into mission 7. I started mission 7 on the 19th after reading through the six previous. Come July 1st, I’m moving on to my German short story. I’ll post it here when I’m done.


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