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So last my comment here was when I was finishing up Mission 6.  [About Cat Hartliebe] [Cat Hartliebe’s Books]

Nineteen days ago.  So I’ll bring you up to speed <Or you could look at my wattpad.>  Mission 6 is done.  Mission 7 is written and uploaded.  I stopped at an odd point, so I’m going to keep going on to Mission 8.

But I won’t be finishing the 70k-ish word story before Camp begins.  My German story based in Germania in the Leagende series will be fun.  It’ll also be horrible.  Ich liebe Deutsch, aber ich bin schlecht.  <Besser als dich.>  I’m aiming for only 2000 words in the short.  I’ll also plan to post it here after I try to edit it some.  It’ll suck, but I’d rather prove I tried and went for it than sit back and shy away.

Moving on with my plans.  Or what I probably should have been doing instead of working on Mission 7.  <Ack!>  I have the two books I wish to publish half ready to go.  I need to edit more.  Money does not come from wattpad.  That only shows off my work.  I need to use it to make profit from my own stuff.  But like this blog and facebook it doesn’t offer me much of anything.

When will I push hard enough to make any profit with this?  I don’t know.

Come Saturday I will start Camp.  YWP is on for Camp, so Cyro will be joining through that.  I also am trying to tag my brothers in to it.  My writer friends are all tagged in, but they may not write anything.  I can mentor and push only so hard.  People will write only if they want to.

If anyone wants to join, visit  We would love more people trying.  Writing is not an easy thing to do, but highly valuable as we move from factory jobs to more thought intensive jobs.  Writing is by far not as easy as it looks.  You need lots of practice.  Camp helps you practice.  Wish me luck!  Viel Gluck!

[Cat Hartliebe’s Books] [About Cat Hartliebe]

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