October 2017 Goals

Starting the month I had a few goals when it comes to my writing before Nanowrimo starts next month. [About Cat Hartliebe]

  1. Finish Melissa’s werewolf story.
  2. Finish Mission 8 of Organization.
  3. Finish Sophomore year of Teen Test Train.
  4. Final edit and publish The Secret of Pack 413.

It’s now the sixth and the first two of my goals are done.  (Check Wattpad.)  Well, if I end up done with the list early, I can focus in on reading.  I have two books I want to read waiting for me.  And I have several more that I know I’d be interested in.  At least enough to read the first chapter.

But I’m the strange one.  Yesterday I finished Melissa’s story.  Then I read Mission 8 again.  And started it.  And stopped like a thousand words in tired.  Instead of sleeping, I reread my Shifter 6th Grade (Dragon Rider’s next series group) and work on it some more.  I need to stay on task.

I didn’t go to bed until like 3am because I was writing.  Now I’m tired.  Extra tired and I have work later.  Still, I don’t regret it.  Now to reread Teen Test Train and get to work on it.  It has like 15k? words left.  Probably longer.  I don’t really know.  A lot is still to come in that story.  It’s meant to be longer than Freshmen year.  By how much though?

I’m more concerned with pushing myself to do the final edit with Monique’s story.  I want to publish it.  I do.  But I seem to be struggling.  Nanowrimo’s story is probably going to be the second book’s complete rewriting.  And if I finish that one, I have another that needs a complete rewriting.  All that’s really staying in the main plot.  In both.  I really do suck.

If you have another suggestion as to what you wish to see me work on, let me know.  I’m open to ideas.

[About Cat Hartliebe]

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