Cyro’s Special Pokemon Word Crawl

As many know I join Nanowrimo every year.  Super fun.  The goal is to hit 50k in 30 days.  I’ve never lost. 

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And for the last few years I’d had my child join <Young Writer’s Program>.  But they struggle to get the word count.  This year their goal is a whooping 5000 words.  So how will I make it easier on them?  I wrote up some plot ninjas and searched for a word crawl.  They’re in LOVE with pokemon.  <They’re eight.  Not surprising at all.>  The ones I’ve found, though, are meant for a 50k or there about win goal.  That won’t work.  They can’t sit still with a sprint for more than a few minutes either. They get stuck trying for fifty words.  It just was not helping.  But the idea worked.  They liked the idea.

So I made my own.  Matching closer to their short attention span and low word count goals.  It probably needs some polishing, but hey, what doesn’t?

Cyro’s Special Pokemon Word Crawl  (Aim for 260 words a day)

<If you wish for higher word counts pick a multiplier and multiple every word count goal.  Such as 260 x 5 =1300, so 10 x 5 =50.>

To begin the day of pokemon hunting, one needs to get ready for outdoor fun!  (Write ten words to get ready.)

Once you are ready, the pokedex and pokemon need to get up and running too.  (Ten more words to give them time to ready.)

Pikachu doesn’t seem to want to wake up.  That isn’t too surprising.  Let’s try yelling.  (Write a twenty word dialogue.)

Good, now Pikachu is awake, albeit grumbling to go out.  Let’s begin the day by hitting the park.  (Write fifteen words to reach the park.)

A weedle has appeared nearby!  All you can think of is how awesome it would be have a beedrill added to your collection.  “Let’s go Pikachu!”  Pikachu fell asleep while you saw the weedle.  Time to wake him up again.  (Write ten words.)

Pikachu grumbles.  He doesn’t seem like he wants to fight the weedle.  Gotta persuade the difficult pokemon to fight.  Pokeballs don’t work unless the pokemon is injured after all.  (Write ten more words.)

Pikachu is willing to fight now.  He shocks the weedle.  Perfect.  The bug didn’t know what hit him.  Now for a pokeball.  (5 minute word sprint: 25 words or more and you capture the weedle.  Keep doing 5 minute word sprints until you succeed.)

Caught it!  Yay!  Now let’s head for the pokemon center.  We need to heal the weedle.  On the way, you spot a pidgey minding its own business.  Totally perfect for your pokedex.  Let’s go Pikachu!  The electric rat though is cleaning his toes.  Let’s persuade him again!  (Write fifteen words.)

Pikachu uses Shock!  (Write ten words.)

Use pokeball!  Pidgey should catch without a problem.  Hopefully.  (5 minute word sprint: 25 words success.  Keep trying until you succeed.)

Perfect.  That makes an awesome new partner.  Let’s continue to the pokemon center.  When you take a step, you spot Pikachu sleeping in the shade.  When did he do that?  Waking him up is getting even more annoying now.  (Write ten words.)

Since Pikachu isn’t interested in walking himself, let’s carry him.  Forgot about his shocking personality.  Drop him, drop him!  (Write twenty words.)

Fine.  Let’s leave him behind.  Walk away without Pikachu.  (Write ten words.)

After several feet, you rethink your desires.  (Write ten more words.)

You return to Pikachu.  He just stares at you making his question, “Pika?”  Let’s think.  (Write fifteen words.)

Aha!  Mom gave you rubber gloves.  Let’s put them on and then carry Pikachu.  (Write fifteen words.)

Back on the path it takes some time to reach the Pokecenter where the pokemon can be easily cared for.  Yay!  Let’s heal our new pokemon and make our way back out into the world.  (Write thirty words while waiting.)

[This makes it 260 words.  You’re probably beyond that.  Congratulations!]

Once all the pokemon are healed, you get back out into the world.  You figured some food and medicine would be help.  Let’s buy some!  (Write fifteen words.)

After food and medicine, you return to the park.  Let’s see what’s here.  (Ten words in search.)

Another weedle has appeared!  Pikachu is back asleep.  Decisions.  (Write ten words.)

Let’s use the weedle we caught!  Go Weedle!  (Cheer him on by writing fifteen words.)

He looks too weak to battle, but the enemy is still up and working.  Let’s return, Weedle!  (Write ten words before Weedle passes out.)

Go Pidgey!  Not like Pikachu wants to work with you.  (Write ten words as Pidgey finishes off the weedle.)

Great job!  You put Pidgey back into a pokeball and turn to Pikachu.  He’s awake and ready to follow.  Strange.  Maybe using other pokemon bothered him.  Let’s search for more pokemon!  (Write ten words.)

Another weedle has appeared!  You start the same way.  Let’s go, Weedle!  (Write ten words.)

Weedle is too exhausted to fight.  Switch her out.  Let’s go Pidgey!  (Write ten more words.)

Pidgey gets a good quick attack on this weedle, but the string shot of the enemy has Pigdey looking less than stellar.  Great.  You call Pidgey back needing it alive at least.  Let’s go, Pikachu!  (Write ten words.)

Pikachu moves in front of you, but doesn’t seem likely to fight.  Well, maybe you can catch the weedle instead of have Pikachu fight.  Go pokeball!  (5 minute word sprint: 25 words success.  No repeats.)  If you capture it, you send it to Professor Oak.  If you don’t, finish to twenty five words.

Time to return to town.  Pikachu walks beside you.  Maybe it was the food you offered him.  You pull another piece of poke-chow out of your bag.  (Write ten words to feed him.)

“Pika!”  Pikachu likes the food.  He can be won over with food!  That makes sense.  Feed him another!  (Write ten more words.)

Another weedle has appeared.  Pidgey and Weedle aren’t able to battle.  That leaves Pikachu.  You offer him food to handle the weedle.    (Write ten words.)

Pikachu jumps into action.  Pikachu uses Shock!  (Write ten words.)

Weedle looks too weak to battle.  Pokeball!  (5 minute word sprint: 25 success.  Repeat until success.)

Awesome!  Send him to Professor Oak.  The professor will love studying all these pokemon.  Time for the PokeCenter.  Return to town. (Write fifteen words.)

Pikachu walks nicely next to you.  He keeps looking at your pack asking for food.  Maybe he isn’t a rat but a cat.  Maybe he needs a name.  Let’s call him Tyger!  He does have stripes on his back.  (Write fifteen words.)

Pikachu seems indifferent to his new name.  You offer him food in exchanging for listening to the new name.  (Write twenty words.)

He listens now!  (Write ten words to celebrate!)

[You have written another 260 words!  Congratulations!]

Back on the route to the Pokecenter.  It doesn’t take too long to reach it.  You put your pokemon in to be healed.  (Write thirty words while waiting)

Professor Oak calls you up while you wait!  He seems excited about the new pokemon.  You explain how much Tyger is willing to work with you now.  It only took food.  (Write twenty words while chatting to Professor Oak.)

Once the conversation is over, you are able to get your pokemon.  After a new collection of pokeballs, medicine, and food, you begin your journey.  (Write fifteen words.)

Tyger is very willing now.  So you decide to try him against a weedle that appears on the grass near the town.  (Write ten words.)

Tyger has no trouble defeating the weedle.  Pokeball?  If so (5 minute word sprint: 25 success.)

You find a caterpie in the grass.  Sweet!  Pokedex doesn’t have that.  And butterfree is a beautiful pokemon.  Go Weedle!  (Write ten words to battle the caterpie.)

Weedle does a good job.  Now you can try to capture it.  (5 minute word sprint: 25 success.  Repeat until success.)

Caterpie is captured!  Oh wow Weedle is evolving!  What will he turn into?  (Write ten words.)

Weedle turned into Kakuna!  Let’s celebrate!  (Write ten more words.)

What a great find!  Now it’s time to start the path to the next town.  You have enough items to cover the ground and Tyger actually wants to come with you now.  Let’s go!  (Write fifteen words.)

During the trip, you find a rattata!  Let’s capture it!  Filling the Pokedex is paramount after all.  Go Kakuna!  (Write ten words.)

Kakuna doesn’t seem very good in battle.  Go Pidgey!  (Write ten words.)

Pidgey has no trouble handling the rattata.  Capture it!  (5 minute word sprint: 25 success.  Repeat until success.)

Woot!  You now have a Pokedex with six pokemon in it. Celebrate by giving Tyger some food.  (Write ten words.)

You continue on the route to the next town.  (Write fifteen words.)

On the way you spot an old friend.  They started pokemon hunting a few years earlier than you.  You show off your pikachu explaining everything.  (Write ten words.)

They explain they are on their way home to see Professor Oak.  You wish them luck.  Time for the trip to the next town.  Nothing stands in your way now!  (Write fifteen words.)

Tyger complains about food and you have to stop to feed him.  (Write ten words.)

[This makes it 260 words.  You’re probably beyond that.  Congratulations!]

While eating, a bird swoops down on you.  You call out Pidgey to handle it.  (Write ten words.)

The spearow is new to your Pokedex.  That means it’s a must capture.  Pidgey isn’t strong enough to handle the battle though.  You send out Kakuna.  It needs more practice.  (Write ten words.)

Good job!  Throw a Pokeball.  (5 minute word sprint: 25 success.  Repeat until success.)

You’ll fill the Pokedex in no time at this rate.  Time to continue.  The town’s in sight.  (Write fifteen more words.)

First stop is the Pokecenter.  All your pokemon need to be healed.  (Write thirty words.)

After a quick trip around the town, you end up back in the grass.  (Write fifteen words.)

A weedle appears!  Go Tyger!  (Write ten words.)

That was super easy.  Let’s find another one.  (Write ten words.)

A caterpie appears!  You send out Kakuna hopeful.  (Write ten words.)

Kakuna does a decent job.  It wasn’t much of a battle.  (Write ten words.)

A pidgey lands before you.  Let’s take it down.  Go Tyger.  (Write ten words.)

Easy as pie.  Let’s get another one.  (Write fifteen words in search.)

You manage to find a group of weedles.  That will mean four battles in a row.  Can your pokemon handle it?  Go Kakuna!  (Write ten words.)

Kakuna become too weak to battle.  Go Pidgey!  (Write ten words.)

That is one down.  Let’s handle the next one with Pidgey too.  (Write ten words.)

Pidgey is too weak to battle.  Go Caterpie!  (Write ten words.)

Another handled weedle, but Caterpie would struggle facing off again.  Go Rattata!  (Write ten words.)

Rattata seems unable to handle more than one.  Go Tyger!  (Write ten words.)

Tyger handles the rest without a problem.  You spend a few moments healing everyone with potions you got in town.  (Write ten words.)

Now to find another battle.  A rattata shows before you make it a foot.  That helps.  Go Caterpie!  (Write ten words.)

[This makes it 260 words.  You’re probably beyond that.  Congratulations!]

Caterpie looks strong, but not that strong.  Go Pidgey!  (Write ten words.)

And the rattata goes down.  What’s this?  Caterpie wants to evolve too?  This is amazing!  (Write ten words.)

Caterpie turns into Metapod!  You add the new entry to your Pokedex while cheering on your new pokemon.  Nothing beats seeing a pokemon evolve.  (Write ten more words.)

Let’s fight a few more times until you get Pidgey to evolve.  You spend the next fifteen minutes finding new pokemon.  (Five minute word sprint.  Reach 30 words in five minutes to get the Pidgey to evolve.)

Pidgey starts evolving!  What will it turn into?  (Write ten words to find out.)

You now have Pidgeotto!  Congratulations.  Let’s cheer the pokemon on.  (Write ten more words.)

Looking at the setting sun, it’s probably a good idea to find a place to spend the night.  Back to town.  The Pokecenter will both a place to rest for both pokemon and trainers.  Onward!  (Write fifteen words.)

You reach the Pokecenter ready to rest for the night.  (Write thirty words.)

Come morning, you head for food.  A hot breakfast suits you and your pokemon.  (Write ten delicious words.)

Now for the park again!  Lots of pokemon to defeat!  Let’s see if Kakuna can evolve today.  Seek out pokemon for Kakuna to fight.  (Write ten words.)

You found a pidgey.  Awesome!  Go Kakuna.  Beat up the pigdey.  (Write ten words.)

Good job Kakuna!  If you wish to capture it (5 minute word sprint: 25 success.); if not (write five words.)

A weedle has appeared!  Awesome.  Kakuna will handle this easily.  Kakun has gotten a lot stronger.  (Write ten words.)

What’s this?  Kakuna is evolving?  Excitedly you get the Pokedex out to explain the new form: Beedrill!  (Write ten words.)

How about you push Metapod to do the same?  It’ll only take a few battles, you hope. (Five minute words sprint.  Reach 30 words in five minutes to get the Metapod to evolve.)

You did it!  Metapod is evolving!  You finally have Butterfree!  (Write fifteen words.)

Tyger seems sad.  You haven’t spend much time with him.  And his attempts to help in battle haven’t made you as excited as all the evolving pokemon.  Maybe we should treat Tyger to a meal of pokechow.  (Write fifteen words.)

[This makes it 260 words.  You’re probably beyond that.  Congratulations!]

He seems much better now.  But maybe you should stop running around the park pushing your pokemon to evolve.  How about we continue on the path to the next time?  Look at the spearows in the way.  Let’s battle through four spearows.  (Write ten words.)

Tyger has no issues beating the spearow.  (Write ten more words.)

Seriously, Tyger has no issue with spearow number two either.  How about you try Rattata?  You haven’t used him in a while.  (Write ten words.)

Rattata does well against the one, but looks too weak to handle the last spearow.  Pigdeotto wouldn’t be so bad.  (Write ten words.)

Pidgeotto looks a lot stronger than the pokemon here.  It is definitely time to move on to the next area.  Onwards!  (Write fifteen words.)

The grasslands to your left seem a little off.  You start a dare and move into it.  Something slithers toward you!  An Ekans?  Quick!  Use Tyger!  (Write ten words.)

Tyger shocks the Ekans making it unable to battle.  Use pokeball!  (5 minute word sprint: 25 success. Repeat until success.)

Woah, that was different.  You look about the grass seeing if you spot another new pokemon.  It looks to just be weedles and pidgeys beside.  Oh, well, let’s give Butterfree a chance to show off anyway.  (Write ten words.)

Back on the road.  Let’s head for the next town.  It shouldn’t be too long before a new pokemon can be spotted.  (Write fifteen words.)

“Pika?”  Tyger looks forlorn.  He seems to want to go in one direction.  Tyger has a tendency not to listen.  Best just follow along.  Who knows it may be another new pokemon.  (Write fifteen words.)

Tyger reaches a small cave.  A group of pikachus are surrounded by sandshrews.  Are they fighting over the cave behind them?  Tyger runs in, but his shock seems to do nothing.  You need a plan!  (Write ten words.)

Sandshrews are ground types, so they’re strong against electric moves.  But they aren’t strong against flying!  Go Pidgeotto!  (Write ten words.)

Pidgeotto handles some of the sandshrews, but it seems there are too many for it.  You need more backup.  Tyger is unable to fight.  And the family of pikachus cannot flee.  Go Butterfree! (Write ten more words.)

It seems between the two of them, the sandshrews are backing off.  You defended the pikachus from the sandshrews!  (Write fifteen words.)

But it’s time to go.  The pikachus are safe now.  You try to get Tyger to follow you.  He’s not in the mood too.  (Write ten words.)

Food worked the first time.  Feed him.  (Write fifteen words.)

It’s not enough.  You cannot believe Tyger snubbed the pokechow.  What’s wrong with the world?  Does this mean you have to carry him?  (Write ten words while in thought.)

Butterfree coos at Tyger.  After a short conversation, the bug pokemon persuades Tyger to follow you out of the area.  What an amazing relationship!  (Write fifteen words.)

Back on the road to town.  It’s probably a smart move to aim for a pokecenter.  These guys are looking a bit worn down.  (Write fifteen words.)

[This makes it 260 words.  You’re probably beyond that.  Congratulations!]

On the walk to the pokemon center, you hear rustling.  Could it be an Ekans?  (Write ten words.)

No!  It’s a bulbasaur!  You need the bulbasaur.  Quick attack it!  (Write ten words.)

Tyger tries to attack the bulbasaur, but it flees before you have a chance.  Try following it.  (Write fifteen words.)

You became lost.  Seek for the road.  (Write ten words.)

A weedle gets in your way.  No, not just a weedle.  It’s three weedles and a kakuna!  Go Pidgeotto!  (Write ten words.)

Pidgeotto has no trouble handling a weedle.  Let’s use Rattata for the second one!  (Write ten words.)

Rattata manages well enough, but seems less than ready to handle another.  Go Butterfree!  (Write ten words.)

Butterfree handles the weedle, but now there is a kakuna facing down your pokemon.  What will you do?  Go Tyger!  You can do it!  Tyger refuses.  (Write fifteen words.)

Butterfree becomes unable to battle.  Tyger seems to get the picture now.  (Write ten words.)

Tyger has no issues battling.  You explain to him he needs to fight or his friends will suffer.  You offer him pokechow for helping.  (Write ten words.)

You heal the rest of your pokemon.  (Write ten words to heal.)

You find the road shortly and without more battles.  Perhaps the wild pokemon are grasping you’re too powerful to beat.  (Write fifteen words.)

The town comes into view.  You stop for food and medicine.  (Write fifteen words.)

Then on to the pokemon center.  (Write thirty words while waiting.)

You overhear about the bulbasaur in the area scaring off the pokemon.  So it wasn’t you.  Tell to ask questions.  (Write ten words.)

So you need to return to the same area and start looking for the bulbasaur.  But the bulbasaurs tend to flee upon notice from pokemon trainers.  Smart creatures.  You need a plan.  (Write ten words.)

How about pokechow?  It works for Tyger.  Or it normally works for him.  A pokechow bait is something.  And while there you can allow your pokemon to roam some.  They don’t get out much.  (Write fifteen words.)

After getting your pokemon, you return to the meadow you saw the bulbasaur at.  Set your trap and allow your pokemon out.  (Write ten words.)

Tyger seems to decide on a nap.  It makes you think the same.  You start noticing several of your pokemon falling asleep now.  Butterfree looks confused shaking the others awake.  I force yourself not to give into the sleepiness.  (Write fifteen words to stay awake.)

Once you wake up fully, you notice the bulbasaurs in the area.  When did they get here?  (Write fifteen words.)

Go Butterfree!  Only pokemon awake on your side.  You only need to capture one bulbasaur.  (Write fifteen words.)

[This makes it 260 words.  You’re probably beyond that.  Congratulations!]

Watching the battle, you notice Tyger is awake next to you.  He seems nervous over Butterfree’s struggles.  Time to switch out then.  (Write ten words.)

Tyger actually takes a hit for once.  He isn’t the all powerful being in the area.  It’s so weird to see him struggle.  Go Tyger!  (Write fifteen words.)

Success!  Use the pokeball!  Don’t let Bulbasaur get away.  (5 minute word sprint: 25 success. Repeat until success.)

You did it!  While celebrating, you spot your other pokemon waking up and the rest of the bulbasaurs are gone.  Congratulations!  (Write ten words.)

Let’s continue training while here.  Rattata looks in need of a work out.  You find another Ekans in the grass.  Your pokemon seems ready to go.  (Write fifteen words.)

Rattata looks amazing this time.  All those battles made a difference.  Go pokeball!  (Write twenty five words.  Within five minutes means capture.)

Rattata is evolving?  That’s surprising!  (Write ten words.)

You now have a Raticate!  Amazing!  (Write ten words.)

What a long day!  You stare up at the sky.  It’s getting late, but it wasn’t long ago you rested and ate.  How about staying out past your bedtime?  (Write ten words.)

An extra hour won’t hurt.  You stalk the area noticing glowing eyes in the trees.  What are those?  You move closer.  (Write ten words.)

Zubats!  An entire family of zubats!  Hurry.  You need to capture one.  Go Beedrill!  (Write ten words.)

The battle in the sky has your attention.  It seems Beedrill has the upperhand.  That’s good.  Try a pokeball!  (5 minute word sprint: 25 success. Repeat until success.)

Great!  Another capture.  You start to move and find a sleeping Tyger on your foot.  Okay an extra hour probably wasn’t a good idea.  Need those gloves again.  Carrying Tyger will work.  (Write fifteen words.)

Onward to the town.  Staying up late was worth it since you got a Zubat.  (Write fifteen words.)

You reach the town and stay at the pokecenter.  You need a long nap just like your pokemon.  (Write thirty words.)

Another day of pokemon training.  Collect your pokemon, food, and medicine.  (Write fifteen words.)

[This makes it 260 words.  You’re probably beyond that.  Congratulations!]

If requested this word crawl can be continued.

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