Happy New Year!


I love celebrating the lunar new year.  There is so much history and culture wrapped up in this one holiday. 

This new year is the Year of the Dog.  Dogs are pretty awesome.  The dog was the eleventh animal to the table.  Soon after the Rooster and before the pig.  The story is quite lovely.

If you want a basic review of the holiday just wiki it.

the secret of pack 413

If you happen to read my Organization stories on Wattpad, you’ll notice Arianna picks the Chinese zodiac for her round table.  The twelve (plus one) would be her chosen allies while facing down a country filled with corruption.  Each named person has a place in her life and they offer a connection to the personality of each character as well. 

As a second tip of the hat to the Lunar New Year, I published my first werewolf story.  We started the Gregorian Calendar with a full moon.  I figured with dual new years pointing me to my shifters, I felt it necessary to publish the first one.

My child loves the holiday just as much as me.  Probably because I love it.  Not to mention making paper lanterns and lucky envelopes are fun.  <Oh and the fact lucky envelopes have money in them.>  Then again for kids, the more holidays, the better.

If you have a holiday you’d like me to check out, let me know.  Lunar New Year isn’t the only holiday I didn’t grow up with that I now celebrate.

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