Skyling’s Special Pokemon Word Crawl

Cyro seems overly bored by their word crawl.  So I questioned what I could do to keep them interested. 

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Well, another word crawl would work.  But what topic?  Pokemon is like the only thing Cyro is truly interested in lately.  So that’s the topic.  But it can’t be take pikachu around capturing pokemon.  That’s the original crawl.

Well, I have a brother who is just as interested in Pokemon.  Old enough to have played Red, Blue, and Yellow.  <Yeah, all three.>  You’ll see his name posted in our new Poem a Day book: Poem a Day May 2018.  Skyling De’Ambroise is a very odd person.  So to help boost his writing habit- and give Cyro another word crawl to attempt- I made a special word crawl for Skyling.

It is not typical Pokemon Word Crawl.  Because typical wasn’t as interesting to them.  See Cyro’s Special Word Crawl or Moe’s Special Word Crawl if you want typical.

Skyling’s favorite pokemon is Dratini.  No he isn’t a fisherman, but he also isn’t in the world of pokemon.  Can you imagine eating magikarp for dinner?

Skyling’s Special Pokemon Hunt (Low count goals) (High word count goals)

You wake up and ready for your day of fishing.  You fish because your parents fished.  You learned to fish at a very young age.  Get ready as per normal.  (Write twenty words.)  (Write 175 words.)

Everything is ready.  Make sure you have your bucket for the fish.  Magikarp need a lot of room to splash about.  You’ll fill it at the ocean.  Everything is going normal.  (Write twenty words.)  (Write 200 words.)

Walk the long distance on the road for the ocean.  It takes the normal time.  Nothing seems odd at all.  Time for fishing.  (Write twenty words.)  (Write 175 words.)

Magikarp are pretty lacking today.  How strange.  This place always has tons of magikarp.  Continue fishing.  There has to be something out there.  (Write twenty words.)  (Write 200 words.)

After a short period, the line tugs.  You pull the fish in.  Dinner will be… (Write fifteen words.)  (Write 150 words.)

A dratini?!  What?  Where did this guy come from?  Shouldn’t they be with their family in the deep seas?  (Write twenty words.)  (Write 190 words.)

The dratini looks hungry.  They move to your bucket and knocks it over.  Maybe they ate all the fish on you.  Hold on.  You can fish a magikarp.  There has to be one here.  (Write twenty words.)  (Write 150 words.)

A magikarp!  Great.  Feed it to the dratini.  (Write ten words.)  (Write 200 words.)

You made the dratini happy.  They look at you for more food.  But this spot is seriously missing the fish.  And what you caught is gone.  You pick everything up and move onward.  There’s another good spot not far.  (Write twenty words.)  (Write 120 words.)

Dratini followed you to the next spot.  They circle your bucket the moment it hits the ground.  Alright.  Let’s get the dratini another fish or two.  (Write twenty five words.)  (Write 200 words.)

After a few catches, Dratini circles around you and takes a nap.  Finally you can catch magikarp for yourself.  Dinner will be delicious once you get home.  (Write twenty words.)  (Write 175 words.)

After six magikarp, your bucket is overly filled.  You hiss thinking how six was too many.  But the magikarp moved here after the dratini took the last spot.  So you get up and try to move the bucket.  It wakes the dratini up.  (Write fifteen words.)  (Write 175 words.)

Dratini takes up the bucket and waits for you.  For such a little guy, they have a lot of strength.  You really need to figure out why a dratini ended up in your fishing spot.  (Write twenty five words.)  (Write 200 words.)

You reach home and make your meal.  Dratini follows your every move.  It cries out at the smell of grilling fish.  So both of your mouths water.  Between the two of you, all six magikarp are eaten.  (Write twenty words.)  (Write 210 words.)

“You need a pokemon center, don’t you?”  You look over the dratini.  They yawn and snuggle against you.  For a creature from the deep sea, they’re rather warm.  Pack up everything and head out for town.  (Write twenty five words.)  (Write 150 words.)

It doesn’t take too long to reach the town proper.  Everyone has a pokemon friend.  You moved away from the population because you never managed to befriend one.  People pitied you.  Now, you have a dratini at your side.  They look nervous to be walking through town.  (Write twenty words.)  (Write 200 words.)

The pokemon center looks busy.  You bring the dratini to Nurse Joy.  She looks over the pokemon and asks for the pokeball.  (Write ten words.)  (Write 120 words.)

You have to explain why you don’t have one and where the dratini came from.  (Write twenty words.)  (Write 175 words.)

Nurse Joy is surprised.  She explains a ship wreck came up with the recent big storm.  A dead dragonair was inside.  This is probably the baby.  (Write fifteen words.)  (Write 150 words.)

“Will you take care of it?  It looks happy with you.”  Nurse Joy hands you a pokeball to capture the dratini.  You turn to the pokemon and hold out the ball.  (Write twenty words.)  (Write 200 words.)

Dratini looks at the ball and at you.  With a yap of happiness, the dragon pokemon gets into the pokeball.  (Write thirty words.)  (Write 250 words.)

“Congratulations!”  Nurse Joy claps for you.  “Most pokemon trainers begin at ten.  But starting at thirty isn’t unheard of.  Visit with Professor Oak before leaving town.  He’ll want to hear everything.”  You nod letting her care for other pokemon.  (Write fifteen words.)  (Write 150 words.)

It doesn’t take long for you and your new pokemon friend to reach Professor Oak’s lab.  He seems surprised to see you since you failed to join the trainers during your teens like many of your classmates did.  (Write twenty words.)  (Write 175 words.)

You explain the adventures with the dratini.  Soon the dratini is brought out.  They circle you nervous about the new place.  Professor Oak, though, has a lot of practice with spooked pokemon.  (Write twenty words.)  (Write 200 words.)

After a good review and short play session, Professor Oak explains the dratini is female.  She will need a diet of fish or pokemon food.  What are your goals now that you have her?  (Write twenty five words.)  (Write 225 words.)

You decide you can travel the world trying to find the best fish for your new friend to eat.  It’s been a half plan for years now, but you never went for it.  (Write twenty words.)  (Write 180 words.)

Professor Oak hands you a pokedex for your journey.  Before he offers his good luck, he wants the dratini to have a real name.  What shall you name her?  (Write fifteen words.)  (Write 100 words.)

“Clover.”  You smile at her as she looks happy over the name.  She will be your luck as you adventure tasting all the different fish around the world.  (Write twenty words.)  (Write 125 words.)

Let’s begin your journey!  With your fishing pole, bucket, and new friend, you leave the professor and start your journey as a pokemon trainer.  (Write ten words.)  (Write 125 words.)

((You have written at least 555/5045 words.  Congratulations!  Let’s begin the pokemon journey of Skyling and Clover.))

After a short trip to the pokemart where you can stock up on supplies, you find yourself back on the road to the river.  With a new tent and camping gear, you’ll be able to fish up the river to somewhere new.  It’s been a lifelong dream.  And it’s come true!  (Write thirty words.)  (Write 300 words.)

You make it to the river in question and set up camp.  With Clover hovering beside you, you begin your first day fishing the world.  (Write twenty words.)  (Write 175 words.)

It doesn’t take long with your fishing skills to get a magikarp.  Ubiquitous things.  (Write ten words.)  (Write 150 words.)

Clover likes the fish.  She has liked everything you gave her.  (Write ten words.)  (Write 75 words.)

You continue fishing collecting fish for you and Clover.  After several good catches of magikarp and a strange but delicious krabby.  It leaves you feeling really good about your adventure.  (Write twenty words.)  (Write 200 words.)

A good rest leaves you moving on to another area the next day.  (Write twenty words.)  (Write 175 words.)

You spend several days fishing up the river.  Mostly you get magikarp.  No surprise at all.  Magikarp are everywhere.  Everyone eats magikarp.  (Write twenty words.)  (Write 210 words.)

Then you reach the end of the river.  You look at Clover.  She’s beside you most of the time.  When she’s tired, you put her in her ball.  She hasn’t complained once.  (Write fifteen words.)  (Write 175 words.)

You take out the pokedex.  It has a map app which you turn on and set the GPS to the next body of water.  You’ll be moving through forests for a while, but you’ll find another water source sooner or later.  (Write twenty five words.)  (Write 225 words.)

During the long walk through the trees, you get attacked!  This is why you didn’t want to travel and stayed still fishing your spot.  (Write ten words.)  (Write 115 words.)

Clover has no trouble facing off with the weedle.  After defeating the thing, Clover attempts eating it.  But doesn’t seem to like the taste and spits it out.  You nod in agreement.  Weedles taste awful.  (Write fifteen words.)  (Write 160 words.)

Moving on, you travel with Clover quite some distance.  As if on cue, you are attacked again.  This time from above!  (Write twenty words.)  (Write 200 words.)

A weepinbell cries at you when you manage to dodge its falling attack.  Clover looks ready to feast again.  Good thing she’s always looking to have a meal or you’d become one.  (Write fifteen words.)  (Write 160 words.)

Clover seems to like this meal a touch better than the weedle, but still most of the moving plant is left on the ground.  (Write ten words.)   (Write 120 words.)

If only you could reach that inlet sooner.  You double check the pokedex’s app.  It will take a long time at this rate.  A glance skyward says you can walk for a while yet.  (Write ten words.)  (Write 90 words.)

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that from now until dusk when you set up camp, you fight against sixteen more weedles.  And a pidgey.  The pidgey wanted the weedle that attacked us for walking under its tree.  Mostly the day was just pokemon battling.  (Write twenty words.)  (Write 210 words.)

Clover feasted on the pidgey.  She has found she likes birds.  Or maybe she always knew.  Birds fly over the water occasionally.  So you both can rest with full stomachs.  (Write fifteen words.)  (Write 175 words.)

You begin the day anew.  More weedles.  So many weedles.  You’re going to have nightmares about weedles falling from above you or crawling up your leg.  Clover seems to be annoyed by the weedles.  (Write twenty five words.)  (Write 225 words.)

You reach a clearing where you spot ninorans running about.  Clover chases them which has you running after her.  It’s probably the weedles making Clover annoyed enough to chase down other pokemon.  (Write twenty five words.)  (Write 200 words.)

You catch Clover and notice you went off course.  This is going to take forever.  You want to fish.  It’ll be days inland.  With weedles.  “Maybe we should catch the weedle.”  (Write ten words.)  (Write 115 words.)

Clover stares at you as if you’re crazy.  (Write ten words.)  (Write 100 words.)

“No, to trick the pidgeys into attacking us.  They attack the weedles all the time.”  You motion to the pidgey diving and coming up with a weedle in its mouth.  (Write fifteen words.)  (Write 150 words.)

Clover nods.  She moves into position to battle another weedle.  This time, the goal isn’t to defeat, but to capture.  It takes a lot more effort.  She actually kills three during the attempt.  (Write twenty words.)  (Write 225 words.)

You have only a few pokeballs.  They were for just in case events.  More to capture a rare pokemon to show the professor.  He forced you to have them.  Now, you can use the weedle as bait for dinner.  (Write twenty words.)  (Write 190 words.)

Just as you thought, you can get pidgeys to attack the weedle and then have Clover defeat the bird.  Delicious poultry for dinner.  (Write fifteen words.)  (Write 175 words.)

“We’ll call you Bait.”  You pet the weedle glad it helped you draw in the dinner.  Now you won’t have nightmares about weedles.  You’ll have Bait giving you reason to like the things.  (Write twenty words.)  (Write 220 words.)

So now you have an easy food source with Bait being bait.  Clover seems to love Bait, too.  Probably for the same reason as you.  (Write ten words.)  (Write 115 words.)

With the walk improving, you reach another area to camp in no time.  A good rest and meal of pidgey has you begin another day of adventure.  (Write twenty words.)  (Write 175 words.)

You reach a road and notice it isn’t too far from the direction your map app says to go.  (Write ten words.)  (Write 125 words.)

A bicyclist zooms past you almost knocking you over.  As a response, Clover zooms after the bicyclist.  You call to stop her, but soon the bike rider has stopped angry.  This isn’t good.  (Write fifteen words.)  (Write 160 words.)

“You don’t attack humans.  You attack pokemon to pokemon.”  The bicyclist takes out a ball.  Soon you’re facing down a meowth.  (Write twenty words.)  (Write 230 words.)

Clover has no issue facing the meowth.  And no issue defeating it.  Thank goodness.  (Write fifteen words.)  (Write 165 words.)

The bike rider seems disappointed, but gets back on their bike and moves on.  Clover cries at them as they ride off, but this time you have Clover around the neck.  (Write fifteen words.)  (Write 140 words.)

((Congratulations on making through your first pokemon trainer battle!  You have written at least 550/5625 words since you started this journey.))

Continuing on, you reach the town and offer your pokemon a rest at the pokemon center.  This Nurse Joy looks a lot like the last one, although she says they’re cousins.  (Write twenty words.)

The market offers food and supplies.  A good night in town helps you ready for another day of travel.  That inlet is closer than ever. (Write fifteen words.)

With Bait and Clover, you manage several days of easy travel.  (Write fifteen words.)

Soon, the smell and sounds of water hit you.  You race ahead.  (Write ten words.)

Finally you can fish again!  Let’s set up camp and spend a while at this place seeing what fish are here.  (Write twenty words.)

You settle before the water and notice it’s far cleaner than what you’re used to.  Maybe you can swim later.  But first to see what fish are here.  (Write ten words.)

You catch a …. You don’t know.  You’ve never seen such a billowing tail fin.  It’s white and orange with a big horn on its head.  So weird.  (Write ten words.)

As Clover goes for the attack, you recall the pokedex can tell you about new pokemon you see.  So you scan it before Clover gets lunch.  (Write fifteen words.)

A goldeen.  So pretty.  The goldfish pokemon.  You then seek out proper ways to eat a goldeen while sending your line out for more.  Clover gets first dibs because she’s worked so hard.  (Write twenty words.)

You fish at this spot for a few days.  You travel a few yards up and down the stretch of water front you found looking for a better spot.  Nothing really catches you.  (Write fifteen words.)

It just seems to be goldeen here.  And the fish is delicious.  Clover looks beyond happy too.  The problem, though, is Bait doesn’t seem as comfortable with your fishing stay.  (Write ten words.)

After a while, you notice Bait starts hiding in your tent and finding a comfortable spot to sleep.  Then you spot a weird occurrence.  It changes.  What once was a bug crawling everywhere isn’t anymore.  (Write fifteen words.)

Bait has turned into…  A kakuna!  (Write ten words.)

Wow.  Everyone talked when you were a teenager about the excitement of getting their first evolve.  Here you are annoyed that Bait cannot really play bait anymore.  Pidgeys don’t attack kakunas.  Their outer shell is too hard.  (Write fifteen words.)

You will need a new plan.  While you fish, you can think of one.  (Write ten words.)

Before continuing on your way, you take a swim with Clover.  You think the dragon is fast on the land, but she cannot be matched in the water.  (Write ten words.)

As you lie in your sleeping bag thinking of the coming day where you pack up, you plan the next way to keep a delicious pokemon coming to you.  Bait won’t be bait, but the plan can still work.  (Write fifteen words.)

All you come up with is capture another weedle.  That makes little sense though.  (Write ten words.)

You start on your journey.  Clover seems exicted and follows you from the water.  Bait has to stay in a pokeball since it struggles to move about in its kakuna stage.  (Write fifteen words.)

After several hours walking, you stop to fish a little.  With a few goldeens for lunch and dinner, you make a small campfire and cook.  Delicious.  (Write fifteen words.)

Moving on, you travel the water side until it reaches close to dusk.  You stop and make camp. (Write twenty five words.)

<To be continued….>

If requested, this word crawl can be continued. (Suggestions would help, too.)

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