Save the Trees!

<This blog post has been taken over by Green Cloak.  Cat Hartliebe is NOT trying to save all the trees.  She’s at fault.  I’ll help fix things.  DigiFix says this is a plausible way of telling the world.  Talking to humans hasn’t helped.  Doubt talking to computers will help.  I’ll stick to talking to plants.>

Is it possible to vaccinate trees and other plants?

Trees like the American Chestnut and Scots Pine have been dying off as a species due to one disease.  In humans when a disease is ripping through a population, we find the counter and vaccinate against those with the greatest risk.  Or we offer an antidote in the case of having the poison/toxin inside of us.  Or we offer a treatment of some kind with chemicals and fighting antitoxins.

We should be able to do the same with trees and other plants.  Trees like most plant life absorb their nutrients by taking in water with their roots.  So any nutrients caught in the water near their roots gets taken in too, good or bad.  That’s how we have problems with contamination in a lot of instances.

Let’s use this skill to make certain trees safe against certain diseases.  If we take some soil and put it in a small container with a way for some of the roots to be put inside.  A hole to one side or a limited opening, etc.  It will need a lid of some kind to be certain the item gets into the root system and not into the groundwater, soil, or air.  Add in enough water so the vaccine is easily soaked up by the tree.  Once the container is dry, add another round of water to make sure the vaccine has been taken in to the best of the tree’s abilities.  A few times of this should help introduce the vaccine safely into the tree’s system.

The exact vaccine to introduce will depend on the tree, disease, and concern.  Trees only take in up to a certain mm in their water.  They also get rid of various items.  There can be attachments to make the vaccine more prone for capture such as the favorite nutrient of the tree.

Several attempts can be made for different circumstances and situations.  But the idea is a starting point not a end point.  This only get minds rolling.

Let’s Save the Trees!

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