There is nothing better than reading an edited story.

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dragon rider 12

And that is why I am rewriting the entire series Dragon Rider.  So far 6th Grade, 7th Grade, and 8th Grade are rewritten.  Now I am working on 9th Grade.  10th Grade, 11th Grade, and 12th Grade are still in first draft form. 
6th Grade: Natalie
7th Grade: Jasmine
8th Grade: Brooke aka Cynthia
9th Grade: Xyaina
10 Grade: Rebecca
11 Grade: Melinda
12 Grade: Wight
dragon rider 7dragon rider 8 2dragon rider 9dragon rider 10dragon rider 11 melinda

And then, if that wasn’t enough, I have Shifter 6th Grade (Rebecca) done.  Well… I bad version of 6th Grade done.  And then I’ll have Goblin 6th Grade after completing the Shifter set.  Then Joey will get his chance to complain to the world.  Or Rachel.  Not sure which timeline will match up.  White Dragon Rider or Green Dragon Rider or Black Dragon Rider or Gold Dragon Rider.  Four dragons… How will Gley handle that?

Knowing the story in my head is helpful, but it doesn’t help offer my skills to the world.  I can only write so fast, though.  And I see my death getting closer and closer.  I just hope I can get as many of my works completed as possible before the end.

Wish me luck!  I’m going to be busy trying to make sure the second draft is a lot better than the first.  Cross your fingers I don’t need another full rewrite.

Do you have a suggestion as to which book I should work on next?
Do you desire to hear about a story or series?
Don’t be afraid to comment or email me.
I love talking writing.

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