Favorite Music

Everyone has a favorite music.  A favorite song, band, group, singer, etc.
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And really I never did.  I loved all music.  I would listen to anything.  And most of it I would listen to again and again without issue.  I have gotten pickier over my life.  I will listen to anything once.  Give me some time and I’ll probably listen to it again.

But that’s because I do have more preferences.  Really, I always did.  I just never found them.

Probably because “they” didn’t really exist.

My favorite music is music where the beat matches the song and I don’t need to hear or understand the words to know it’s meaning.

Actually I don’t want to understand the lyrics.  I nitpick English on purpose.  I have written crappy songs before.  I write ALL THE TIME.  I nitpick commercials, advertisements, news programs, etc.  I get annoyed when they use words wrong or misspell things.  I can get angry and have.  It’s even worse if I did it.

I swear I’m calming down from it.  Reminding myself if that is capable of being published, then my work is definitely good enough.

Beyond the words issue I have, I need a strong female singing.  I don’t want fluffy love songs.  I am also not looking for someone who hates life.  A female needs to be able to stand on her own.  Give me that.

My princesses fight.  They fall in love too.  But they can stand forward and take a hit.  And the biggest piece?  They hit back.  They fight and win.  They fight and lose.  They don’t NEED a hero.  They are the hero.  And that’s what I need from my favorite musician.

So it does cut out most of the singers out there.  Because of sexism there are a lot more male singers.  Plus, they have an easier time getting popular.  Of those who are left, many fit the stereotype more than you can imagine.

But it doesn’t cut out Cher.  Love her.  My mom and I would sing to her CDs for hours.  Still, I get easily distracted by her music because it’s in English.  So I can name several more who sing in English and I do love their music because of what it stands for, but it doesn’t match everything I want in my favorite music.

So then who is my favorite?  Or favorites?


Blackpink 블랙핑크, a new kpop girl group who embraces femininity and strength in the same sentence.


Sylwia Grzeszczak, a Polish singer and songwriter that encompasses everything that makes a female strong and what we have to face off in life just to be equal.

ann bai

Ann Bai
白安, a Chinese singer and songwriter who climbed the ladder in the music industry. Although as great as she is, there are things that stop her from becoming the next Justin Bieber.

Have I got you interested?

Blackpink: MV   YT

Sylwia Grzeszczak:  MV   YT

Ann Bai:  MV

Those aren’t the only ones I’ve found out there.  If you find a strong female singer who I NEED to listen to, please tell me.  Comment with the youtube link and name of the singer.

I love music.  It is both distracting and fulfilling.  And helpful. I write better with music to listen to, as long as I’m not ready to yell at the bad lyrics or stereotyping.

[About Cat Hartliebe] [Newer favorite music post: Cat Hartliebe’s Favorite Music 2020]

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