January First!!


New Year, New Push
[About Cat Hartliebe]

It’s already 2019.  I can’t believe it.  Another year flew by.  A lot happened and yet I barely recall any of it.

To start the new year, I will start with a list of goals.  Goals need to be just tough enough that you need to try to reach them.  Last year, I made a few goals and all besides read 100 books I succeeded rather early on.  Then I questioned things like publishing a fourth book.  And really, reading 100 books was beyond me.  I stopped counting because it just seemed too outlandish.  I probably read about forty over the course of the year.  That’s a good amount, but I cannot say exactly how many.  100 was just too big for me to feel comfortable aiming for.  Whereas my child finished their hundred before March ended.

Let’s do this.  Let’s aim high without aiming too high.  Impossible goals will not be attempted.

  1. Read 12 new books that I never read beforeold-books-436498_1280
  2. Reread 5 books I have read before.
  3. Sell 40 of my own books.
  4. Publish 4 books.
  5. Write weekly blog posts.
  6. Write weekly facebook posts.
  7. Never let the sink fill with dishes.cook-140234_1280
  8. Complete four new novels within already made series.
  9. Set up at least fifty recipes for the cookbook.
  10. Help organize Mom’s retirement plans.

Now some of these seem a touch harder than others.  I would probably say the sink full of dishes one will be the hardest <I’d consider it a win if nothing says dirty more than two days>.

I will try my best to earn the right to cross off all ten on my list.  But this time I cannot finish early.  Not without setting up fifty two blog posts and facebook posts.  Which is possible, but unlikely to manage until the end of the year.

Nothing on this list will be impossible if I try as I should.  As long as my health doesn’t fail, I should make a blog post for the last week exclaiming my success.  Then again, most of this stuff can be done from my bed or the hospital, so it’s not completely impossible as long as I stay alive.

Good luck on your goals for the new year.  Tell me about them.  Or give me suggestions to help me complete mine.

This is a new year; it’s time to aim for a new you.  I’m going for the Hartliebe side of me.  Let’s see if she gets more well known than she is now.  Wish me luck!

[About Cat Hartliebe]

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