Short Story Friday

On Monday, I have it set to be poetry blog posts. [About Cat Hartliebe] [Cat Hartliebe’s Books]

I have a lot of poems, and I do have three poetry books where several are published.  That sounds like a fun way to start the week.  There is no set requirements for my poetry.  My poetry is as chaotic as I am.

So maybe I should make it Fridays that I have a short story or chapter posted.  I seriously have so many stories posting a chapter or short on Fridays would still give me a ton to publish.  Even if I am going with a chapter it will be a chapter that almost stands alone like a tv show.  Most of my shorts have connections among them.  Some of my stuff can get really out there.  Good luck.

Since I missed last Friday, I can post my first one today.  Let’s start with Cyro’s Middling Adventure.  It is written as a gift to my young ten year old child.  Before each story I will state if it is written for adults or teens (or in the rare case children), give a brief reminder what’s going on, and offer possible genres the story will cross into.

My poetry that is not for the general public will probably not make it on my Monday posts.  Those are a very rare few.  My shorts on the other hand… I write for adults mostly and most of it has romance.  I like writing magic.  And surprisingly I kill numerous unnamed characters.  I’ll start with Cyro’s Middling adventure though.  It’s not “complete”, but I wonder if it ever will be.  There will always be more for Cyro to aim for.  It will turn from Middling Adventure to Adventure one day.  He hasn’t earned his title yet.

[About Cat Hartliebe] [About Cyro Hartliebe] [WIP: Cyro’s Middling Adventure] [Poetry Archive] [Cat Hartliebe’s Books]

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