Word Crawl: Book Fairy

Looking through my old blog posts I realized, I never posted the newest word crawl.  [Writer’s Stuff] [About Cat Hartliebe]

Like Skyling’s and Cyro’s which can seemingly go on forever, so can the book fairy.  It is written for Cyro who aims for a tenth of a typical nano goal, so that needs to be considered when trying this for yourself.

You have magically been transported to the world of fairies!  (Write 25 words in the excitement.)

One fairy comes up to you super nervous.  She has beautiful wings that make one think of a page in a fancy book.  Her clothes are very librarian.  She even has a book for a hat on her head.  (Write 15 words.)

“Can you help me?”  She asks with her hands clasped together.  (Five minute word sprint.  30 words success)

“You will?  How wonderful!”  She claps her hands and twirls.  (Write 25 words.)

“I need to find my chronicles.”  The fairy bows her head.  “My name is Rowling the Book Fairy.  What’s your name?”  (Write thirty words to answer.)

“Such a nice name.  The first book in my list is Pride and Prejudice.  It is my favorite book to read on a cold winter’s night.  I feel lonely without it.”  Rowling nods and flies onward.  (Write 20 words to follow.)

“I swear I had it while sitting under this tree.”  She motions to the tree nearby.  “Can you help me?”  (5 minute word sprint: 30 words to succeed.)

“You really found it?  That’s amazing!”  Rowling seems extremely grateful to you.  “Now I can read my favorite book.”  (Write 15 minutes.)

“Now to find my second book.  To Kill a Mockingbird doesn’t have any birds dying, so don’t worry.”  The fairy flies on.  You better catch her.  (Write 25 words.)

“This book still ends up hanging out with the birds.”  She motions to the yard with lots of birds eating at bird feeders and playing in the fountain.  “Can you help me?”  (7 minute word sprint: 50 words success.)

“Thank you!  I don’t think my life could be complete without it.”  The book fairy offers you a big hug.  (Write 15 words.)

“Next we must find Jane Eyre.  Have you read Bronte before?  She is amazing as a writer.”  The book fairy seems to fawn over the author’s name.  (Write 25 words to keep her on task.)

“Yes, yes.  In this sitting room, the book has a tendency to hide.”  Rowling flies in looking around.  (5 minute word sprint: 30 words success.)

“We have managed to find three books so far.  My collection will return to how it was before.”  Rowling seems hopeful and there is no way to deny her.  (Write 15 words.)

Gone with the Wind is one of my best friend’s favorites.  I lost it and cannot tell him that.  We must find it before he notices it’s missing.”  Rowling shows off a small room.  The fireplace warms you.  (10 minute word sprint: 100 words.)

“It was here the entire time?  Thank you so much.  He would thank you too if he knew.  Please don’t tell him.”  Rowling looks terrified.  (Write 15 words to calm her down.)

“Let’s see, we have managed to find Pride and Prejudice, To Kill a Mockingbird, Jane Eyre, and Gone with the Wind.  We are on a role.”  Rowling has excitement again.  You wish to explain she hasn’t done much finding only pointing out the right area.  (Write 25 words.)

Rowling looks ready to cry.  You rescind the comment asking about the next book.  (Write 15 words.)

Sniffling, she comments, “No collection is complete with The Lord of the Rings.”  She looks back at you worried.  “It stays in the lounge.”  (7 minute word sprint: 50 words success.)

“I did help find it.”  Rowling hugs her new book hiding it with the others.  (Write 15 words of support.)

Rowling still seems uneasy with you.  She flies back into the yard.  “The Catcher in the Rye likes to hide in the rye.  It has nothing to do with farmland, but you cannot talk to the books.”  She sighs motioning to the area.  (10 minute word sprint: 100 words.)

Finding this book seems extra hard.  Rowling looks exhausted when you come out of the rye with it.  “You seem really good at this.”  (Write 15 words.)

You explain how you’ve spent a lot of time with books.  You are even writing one.  Right now.  (Write 25 words.)

“Really?  You are really amazing then.  When you finish, can you add your book to my collection?  I’ll need it.”  Rowling bows her head to you.  (Write 25 words.)

“But before that, can you help me find Little Women?  There is a small play area out back the book plays in.”  Rowling motions you to the correct area.  (5 minute word sprint: 30 words success.)

“I knew you could do it!  You are truly the best person in the world.”  Rowling claps taking the book from you.  (Write 15 words.)

You question about the next book on her list.  She seems to have a really long list.  (Write 25 words.)

Rowling nods checking her list.  “Next is A Prayer for Owen Meany.”  She moves up to a bedroom.  “Do you think it’ll take long?”  (7 minute word sprint: 50 word success.)

“My sister will be excited you found it.  She’ll probably question me tonight about borrowing it.”  Rowling hides the book away with a smile.  (Write 15 words.)

“Do you have a favorite book?”  Rowling looks at her list.  (Write the number of words in the title of your favorite book times 10.)

“That is a good book.  You clearly are a strong reader and writer.”  Rowling seems happy.  (Write 25 words.)

“Next on my list is The Stand.  Have you read Stephan King before?”  Rowling nods to a small closet.  “It hangs out in here.  Likes the dark.”  (10 minute word sprint: 100 words success.)

Rowling claps excitedly taking the book.  “You are getting even better at this.  Thank you so much!”  (Write 15 words.)

“Can you believe how much my collection has grown?  Still I’m missing so many.  Do you need a break?”  Rowling brings you to the kitchen for a snack and drink.  (Write 25 words.)

With the small meal eaten, she holds up her list again.  “Let’s see.  The Great Gatsby.  That would hide in the entranceway.  It likes things that are sparkling, if that helps.”  (5 minute word sprint: 35 words success.)

“You are a savior.  Thank you.”  Rowling grins widely.  (Write 15 words.)

“Next one, you ask?”  Rowling nods pulling out her list again.  (Write 25 words.)

The Mists of Avalon.  Oh!  I know where this one hides.  It always stays on the window boxes looking for something pretty and some bright sun.”  (10 minute word sprint: 100 words success.)

“You are really good at this.  I had no idea it was there.”  Rowling pets the book before putting it away.  (Write 15 words.)

“I assume you’ve heard of David Copperfield.”  Rowling grins.  “Where do you think it’ll be?”  (Write 25 words.)

“That’s right!  Let’s go!”  Rowling has you quick on route.  (7 minute word sprint: 55 word success.)

“Perfect.  David Copperfield will fit right in with the rest of the books.”  Rowling pats the book.  (Write 15 words.)

“Are you ready for the next one?  Do you need another break?  You look a little dusty.”  Rowling shows off the bathroom.  She struggles to help you turn on the faucet though.  (Write 25 words.)

“Now for the next one.  Kristen Lavransdotter likes staying in the sitting room.  Maybe we should have found her earlier.”  Rowling seems saddened by her loss.  (5 minute word sprint: 35 word success.)

“Hurray!”  Rowling twirls in the air with the success.  (Write 15 words.)

The website I used for the book list is this one:
It was a random list of big name books.  I can continue it if someone desires it.

The other word crawls on this site are Moe’s, Skyling’s, and Cyro’s Pokemon word crawls.  This is slightly different, but still loved by Cyro.

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2 thoughts on “Word Crawl: Book Fairy”

  1. Alright so it’s not really a question about the topic at hand here but… how long does it take you to put together these kind of posts? Is it easy? Like did you have to research all this stuff? I’ve been wanting to start a blog myself, so just curious. Sorry not totally relevant but figured I’d ask. Thanks in advance


    1. Okay, the blog marked this as Spam and it probably is, but they also hit a question I figured I should answer.
      Word crawls take quite a bit of effort and time to put together. You have to have a set plan as to the goal and write each line out. I wouldn’t put in the time and effort for these things if not for Cyro doing better with them.


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