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Several sites offer an “author’s page”.  [About Cat Hartliebe] [Writer’s Stuff]

I put together something for Amazon, since it’s the biggest online book seller.  On Smashwords, since I use the platform, I have another author page. Then of course I have this website.  The free aspect of it means wordpress is in my weblink.  If I am using wordpress as my website platform, it should be considered fine to support the company.  My website is paid for with ad revenue. Then I have a twitter and a facebook.  The twitter started out personal, but I never used it. The facebook page was one of the first things I created specifically for Cat Hartliebe.

Such pages and websites are critical to get to a fanbase.  When marketing yourself, you must have a platform to market on.  Technically, I could pull from a random database and send out links to my books and see if luck is on my side.  Someone will probably see it, and maybe, that someone will read it and review it.  Not only does that seem expensive (paying for the list of people and sending out free material), it’s unlikely to make any headway.

Webpages, blog sites, twitter accounts, facebook pages, instagram accounts, etc give a creative a way to express themselves and draw attention.  Sometimes the attention is not good attention. But any publicity is better than none.  Negative things are more commonly spread.  Media has trained us that way.  Most humans would anyway without media prompting.  Someone who is self centered looks at the world wanting their own self to be seen in a better light.  The best way seems the scorecard method with the world. As much as the younger generations are fighting this idea, it still exists.  Negativity is stronger than positivity.  It’s not a good thing.

Back to this reminder.  Whether you are an artist, an author, or a musician, if you do not have a place to talk to your fans (and you are not already a household name), you better create one.  On a platform you feel comfortable using often enough to let people know you exist and want them to remember that.

Good luck in this world.  Interconnection is important if you want enough attention to survive.

[Writer’s Stuff] [About Cat Hartliebe]

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