Random Questions

I may be an author, but before that I’m a person.  Let’s see if I can answer random questions in a way unexpected.  [About Cat Hartliebe]

If you had the world’s attention for 30 seconds, what would you say?

There is literally nothing I can say in 30 seconds that would make a difference.  I’m an unknown person in a sea of unknowns.  I could spout anything and people will either agree if its their philosophy or not agree.  I could say anything at all and accomplish nothing.
More I would just stand there for the full thirty seconds watching the many faces and the time ticking down.  I’ll choke up just lost in the moment.  You may even manage to get me crying while on stand.  As the timer ends, I’ll bow my head in apology and walk away.  No one gains or loses because I stated nothing.  No one would believe me anyway.


Where do you not mind waiting?

That’s an interesting random question.  Honestly, I don’t mind waiting in most cases.  If I’m frustrated and fighting I’m probably need some sugar and water (blood sugar doesn’t work quite right and I get dehydrated easily).  Throw some chocolate at it would probably work in my case (Enjoy Life makes a mean chocolate bar that doesn’t set me off). Teaching my child the patience of waiting has been a task.  Most children are go-go-go, so waiting is the opposite.  Finally they’ve jumped on to the bandwagon of the Line Ride.
I didn’t come up with the line ride.  It was a random comic (that I don’t remember) making fun of people picking the longest ride in the park because it has to be good.  The ride was the line in the little comic confusing the character.  But it hit me in a way.  Waiting gives one time to really learn what’s about them.  Rushing to the end point does not save time in most cases, but you do lose out on it.  Savoring every step along the way really makes that end point even sweeter.

Or this question should be where do I not feel comfortable waiting? 

Any place with heavy religious undertones, places I know by being there I’m breaking the law, and around people I know are not for equality.  Then my patience is tested because I’m expecting problems.  The less time there, the better.

If you were caught only saying one word what would it be? 

I’ve already had a chance to think this one over.  You may guess it.  “Meow”.  Using only one word throughout a day forces you to lean on sign language and tone.  Your cat already has that down.  And like every noise I’ve heard, I copy.
But this has another layer to it.  There are points where I’m not comfortable talking.  There is this thing in my throat denying me my words.  People around me may or may not notice I’ve gone silent on them.  Mostly I just switch into my character’s world.  Because if I lose the wall by disregarding it, I’ll be able to talk again.  Maybe.
There is another level of this: sometimes I refuse to talk on purpose.  The words I want to say to someone is so dangerous, that I refuse to speak.  I put my own wall up.
But… My brain works differently, so this isn’t a hard question for me as it would be for some.

What was the best thing before sliced bread?

Oh, a toughie.  I’m going with toilets.  And I’d be hard pressed for someone to answer anything besides toilets once the suggestion comes up.  Toilets and indoor plumbing was something the Roman’s did.  They had a strong desire for cleanliness, so it should surprise no one.  Bread didn’t really exist until egg, wheat, and water really got together.  Sure egg wasn’t required, but the breads before egg and yeast were dense.  Don’t even mention the lack of sugar.
I may accept the answers of coffee and hot chocolate since they may actually surpass wanting indoor plumbing.  A outhouse might suffice if I get chocolate. (Read about King Montezuma; seriously you aren’t that crazy about chocolate.)

What product would you seriously stockpile if you found out they weren’t going to sell it anymore?

Chocolate (see previous question.)

Have you ever cried during a movie?

All the time.  If you haven’t managed to make me cry, your movie isn’t emotional enough.

That sounds like enough for now.  If you have any random questions, ask away.  I like wrapping my mind around random questions.

[About Cat Hartliebe]

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