Leagende Series

There are going to be six books published within this series shortly. 
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I just finished up the final edits and formatting nonsense for book 5.  Unbelievable will be available to the public in only a few short days.  Exciting right?  I’m excited.  Unavoidable is already in final edits.

Why do I stop at six when I clearly have more within the world?  Because in book six called Unavoidable, the unthinkable happens: Bludi is killed.  It’s unavoidable, so the title makes sense, but still creates a nice conclusion for the time.

Book seven will begin the alphabetical count down again.  Currently it is named Unwise, which the main character, David thinks of the current throw together circumstances.  Then book 8 is named Unsure.  I’m not sure when the series will continue.

Expect Unavoidable some time this year.  Unbelievable will be out in a few days.

Then it’s over for the time being.  I hope everyone enjoys Leagende.  It’s a fun place to visit on a rainy day.


unwanted 3
unexpected 4
undeniable 2
unbreakable 5
unbelievable 1
unavoidable full att 2

[Leagende] [About Cat Hartliebe] [Cat Hartliebe’s Books]

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