The Myth of Krojanty’s Charge; Poem

Also called the “Polish Cavalry Charge Against the Tanks”.  

Due to Nazi propaganda and delayed journalism, few people at the time knew the truth behind the event.  The Polish 18th Lancer Regiment caught a German infantry unit in the open near Krojanty.  The 250 Polish horsemen broke the enemy unit German 76th Infantry.  The Germans panicked and ran.  Soon after, the cavalry was caught in the open by armored German cars, not tanks.  Despite losses, the Lancer did a good job delaying German troops at the beginning of the invasion and causing panic.

The myth came after when the Germans retook the area by force bringing in tanks.  It is then the journalists found out of the battle and with only the German’s word on it, created the myth as we know it today.

The Myth of Krojanty’s Charge

Myths, propaganda, noticeable failings.
Yet we did not die in vain
Or fight a battle unwinable.
Nazi tells the tales afterwards
With little holding back.
Tales of tanks running us aground
When we fought horseback.
The truth of it is we fought quite well
Against the 76th Infantry troop.
And when the machine guns came to yell
We fled on foot and hoof.
We did not run a tank aground
Not this day but another.
This was no Thermopylae,
Ask Wizna for that number.

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