SS Cyro’s Middling Adventure:Chapter 005 The Hunt for Gold

Cyro’s Middling Adventure is a children’s story written for Cyro. 
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The little white dragon Cyro has his goal of becoming a Middling dragon.  It’s a title dragons can earn between 100 and 500 years old.  He’s only 110, but when his little sister gets her Middling title on her birthday, he gained the fire necessary to earn for it.  You will meet several strange characters along the way and learn how even though he’s a dragon, he’s still a child who needs his parent’s help.
Fantasy; Adventure
Note: Cliffhanger!  I’ll post the next chapter (and final of the completed ones) tomorrow instead of next week.

“So…”  Alex looks over at me.  We finished our chocolate pops.  Elise seems distracted by the kitchen.  With her deciding what to do about all the ice, we are free to chat without interruption. “How will we find Erin?”

“I don’t know.”  I frown.  “I could probably teleport to her.  It’s likely I’ll succeed.”

“But I can’t.”  Alex frowns.  He kicks out his feet watching as the silver reflects in the light.  “Besides Mom’s cave, I can’t teleport.”

“Maybe she hasn’t left yet.”  I point out.  If she’s at Mom’s cave, we can teleport there and see the garden.  “Or her garden hasn’t died.”

Alex looks doubtful.  “Mom probably has a method to reach Erin or Dad.  I wouldn’t be surprised if she did.  Let me teleport first, though.”  He closes his eyes.  I can see his struggle, but he disappears.  I nod sending a good bye to William before teleporting to my little brother.

He made it.  His room is exactly how he left it.  If Mom changed it too much, he probably would have failed.  Alex still seemed excited to have succeed.  “We’ve been gone what feels like years and it’s still as I left it.”  He nods looking around.  Grandma’s ice gift sits dead center showing off the colorless mountain Mother lives in.

“I’ve pretty sure it’s only been like a week.”  I shove him a little.  “And Mom doesn’t mind our side of the cave.  Erin’s garden wouldn’t last long.”  Although she’d keep her room.  The room would just get cold without the gold’s support.  Mom doesn’t make heat in the normal sense.  Minus with her flame breathe, but that wouldn’t be the best well to keep her room warm.

Alex nods leaving his room.

The hall is the super cold temperature we like.  Mom has settled in, then.  Dad and Erin must be gone.  I glance to the area Dad’s room would be.  It should be gone or nothing more than storage space.  Erin would have a room, but it wouldn’t be filled with flowers.  I sigh.  I missed seeing all her flowers.  I can finally control myself and ended up too late.

“Children?” Mom stares at us shocked.  She has two glasses.  Empty and her direction is her room.  Alex and I look back to it.  It was further down the path we just took.  “Uh… Do you need something?”

“Is he here?”  Alex jumps racing to find Mom’s room.  He’s denied.  He starts running in place at the moment Mom denies him.  She controls things in her cave.  “But, Mom, I wanna see him.”

“I have no idea who you are talking about.”  Mom plays innocent.  I can tell it’s play.  I sniff wishing I knew who it was.  But I couldn’t pinpoint anything unless Mom gives allowance.  “Did you need help?  Or a rest?  Your rooms are available.”  She motions to the area we were just in.  “If you don’t need me, I’m going back to my room.”  She thumbs to the place she was headed.  With two glasses.

“You cannot drink any faster with two glasses versus one.”  I point out.

“One is set to warm up while I drink the already warmed one.  It’s a trick I’ve used often.”

“Uh huh.”  Alex looks past her to her room. “That’s what they all say.”

“I can kick you out.”  Mom crosses her arms.

“Mother wouldn’t let you.”  I interject and get an unamused face.  It gets me excited.  Mom literally cannot kick us out.  “I think we need to grab a bite.”  I nod moving to the kitchen.

“You can’t cook.”  Mom tells me walking behind us.

“I can!”  I jump squealing a little.  “I finally have a method.”  I walk over to the meat and set it on the fire pit.  Lighting it with my breathe is great.  I can cook.  “I don’t freeze everything anymore.”  I grin.

“Cat, I didn’t think-”  Silver elf two o’clock.  Mom hits her forehead as the male stands in the doorway.  Alex and I grin glancing to each other before reaching the new male.  “Oh…”

“What’s your name?”  Alex circles him.  “Why are you with Mom?  Are you planning on kids?”

“Mom is planning on kids.  So will you birth our next sibling?”  I add clapping.  “It should be a silver since you’re both silvers.”  I look back at Mom.  She looks exhausted.  We haven’t been home that long.

“Cat… Perhaps this is a bad time.  I can come back.”

“Wait.  We don’t know your name.”  Alex tries reaching out to grab the silver elf.  But he disappears instead.  Alex sighs turning to Mom.  “Who is he?”

“Not a plaything.  You’re lucky he already knew I had three kids who could show up randomly.”  Mom puts the glasses down and makes up my centaur burger.  “His name is Qian Tang.  But that’s all you’re getting about him.”

“Are you planning on a contract with him?”  I sit before her excited to learn his name.  Alex is no better.

“We haven’t fully spoke on it.  We’re just playing around for now.”  Mom places the burger before me.  Then Alex’s starts cooking.  “I think he’d be more open to a contract after you three end up Elders.”

The idea of Mom already finding someone is soothing.  A nice silver dragon.  Mom deserves a nice silver dragon companion.

“Can I ask Grandma about Qian?”

“Mom will say nothing good about him.  She already knows about my relationship and dislikes it.”  Mom rolls her eyes.  Grandma hasn’t been fond of any of Mom’s relationships.  “Although I never did get the answer to whether she prefers Qian or Icarus.”  Mom shakes it off handing a burger to Alex.  “So how are you in control of your aura, Cyro?”

“I am aiming strictly at Alex.”  I nod already finished.  “He’s taking all of it, so it hits nothing else.  I can also extend it so it just creates frost on everything.  But it seems forever away to manage that.”  I think it over.  “I probably can make zones now, so I only hit certain areas or directions.  But the one spot or target would be frozen.  Alex can take it.”

“I love it!”  Alex bounces grinning at me.  “It makes everything feel perfect.”

“I’ll bet.”  Mom rubs our heads.  “I can be used as a target too, Cyro.  That’s probably what happened around Icarus.  When you see him next ask if he’ll accept a full hit.  Do not use Erin as a target.  A full hit would probably hurt her.”  Mom clears the glasses away and starts to leave.  “Did you need help?”

“Actually, yes.”  I jump up following.  Alex copies licking his fingers.  It was a delicious juicy centaur burger.  “We want to chase down Erin.  I want to see her garden.”

Mom pauses before we reach anywhere.  She reviews me.  “Do not teleport to her.  Your aura would create problems.  She can get a general hit, not a complete one.  And her plants would die as normal.”

I nod.  “So, I need to go with Alex.  As long as Alex is with me, I can manage.”

“Good.”  Mom looks between us for a long moment.  “I can teleport you to her.  It will be close enough without being too close. Unless you would prefer I teleport you to Icarus.”  She looks between us.

I suck my lip thinking Dad would probably make it easier not harder.  And he would know exactly where Erin is.  “They’re not together?”

“Nope.  He moved into Gold a few hours ago.  I’ve been keeping an eye on them.  Once he settled, I figured I would get a visitor or two.”  She sighs looking between us.  “So do you want me to teleport you?”

I shake my head looking to Alex.  “We can find Dad’s cave, first.  He can bring us to Erin.”  Gold Meadows isn’t that far.

Alex shivers looking to Mom.  “I hope Cyro has as much control as he seems to.  Black did not like his destructive path he made.”

“I would assume not.  Although Gold will like it less.”  Mom motions to the door.  “Go ahead.  You are always welcomed back.  Your rooms will stay as they are until you reach one thousand years old exactly.  I’ll accept visiting then, but you should be called Elder and have your own nest to care for.”

I take up Alex’s hand.  “We’re good for now.  Thanks Mom.”

“Good luck with Qian.”  Alex waves as we start our way out.  “So weird not having the warmth in the cave.”

“Mom never liked it.  She likes Dad, but can’t stand his way of life.”  I shrug.  “Silver and Gold are very different.”

“A hundred years is a long time.”  Alex glances around.  “I wonder if Qian is still around.”

“He’ll be watching for us to leave.”  I nod walking into the cold wind.  “I don’t think their visit was over.”

Alex grins stopping me from walking, his eyes lit up.  “We should go back.  See if we can catch them in the act.”

I frown at him.  “It would be better to see if Dad is also looking for a new beau.”  I motion forward.  “Gold Meadows is this way.”

“Spoilsport.”  Alex pouts.  I tug him forward.  “I think Mom will be happier with a silver dragon.”

“Grandma said that.  But really, I don’t think Mom was unhappy with Dad.  There was clashing, but that’s probably common among all couples.”

“Minus Father and Mother.”  Alex glances in the faraway distance that stands the colorless mountain.  “How could anyone imagine staying with the same person forever?”

I look at my brother and our clasped hands.  I frown.  “We’re going to be brothers forever.  Isn’t it the same?”

“I don’t think so.”  Alex doesn’t seem to have a real answer, though.  “Let’s go ask Dad.  Maybe he knows.”

“He seems to know a lot.”  And I want him to be proud of me too.  I can finally walk a garden.  He should have one readily available for me to walk through.  And then he can help us reach Erin.  I can’t wait to see my little sister.  I want to see her flowers.  Nothing sounds better than walking her garden and learning all the different types.

“So where does Dad live?”  Alex asks me as we come upon the Gold border.  “And where did Erin go?”

“I don’t know exactly.”  I frown.  Mom knows where we’re headed.  So Dad probably knows where we’re headed.  We stand close to the border.  I don’t feel a watch this time, which helps.  And I can see the colorful world I’m missing out of.  Lush grasses with flowers randomly dispersed.  Trees in the distance of all different makes and models.  Not far from the border is a sole tree with a tree house set in it’s branches.  Considering the lack of activity, I’d call that a dragon.  “Maybe we should cross elsewhere.”

“I don’t feel threatened.  If we step across and feel threat, we’ll come back.”  Alex nods.  Is this real confidence?  Or is he trying to fake it?  Knowing Alex, I’d say latter.  He’s not shivering though.  “Maybe it’s Elise’s.”

“She did mention a tree house.  But she’s never there, so the lack of activity makes no sense.”  I frown staring at the lone tree and the unknown dragon residence.  “Mother hasn’t stopped us.”

“Elder dragons should not offer threat.”  Alex bites his lip looking directly at me.  “Right?”  I shrug.  Alex shakes me some.  “Right?”  There’s his concerning word.  His fearful glance.  His light shiver, although that may have something to do with shaking me.

“I don’t know, Alex.”  I huff taking a step closer, but not crossing the border.  “I really don’t know how dangerous it will be for us.”

“We could just teleport home if something attacks.”

“Unless we’re immediately captured.”  I gulp taking a step away from the border.  “Let’s enter elsewhere.”

Alex looks up and down the border in both directions.  “And if this is the only real spot we can enter?”

“There has to be another.”  I gulp and start walking.  However, my walking doesn’t change anything.  The border beside us is still the gold dragon’s.  I shiver now feeling the same fear Alex normally does.  “We’re being forced into this.”

“Maybe it’s Mother doing it.  She could.”  Alex does make a point.  And if Mother supports us, we should be safe.  I nod facing the border again.  “Let’s go.”

“I hope it’s safe enough to.”  I gulp taking the one tiny step over the border and into the unsettling warmth of Gold Meadows.  I’m glad Alex doesn’t feel it, because I feel sick just being here.  And I thought the temperatures Dad liked the cave was hot.  This is far beyond that.  I may wish for my death.  Then it’s gone.

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