SS Cyro’s Middling Adventure: Chapter 006 Caught by an Elder

Cyro’s Middling Adventure is a children’s story written for Cyro. 

The little white dragon Cyro has his goal of becoming a Middling dragon.  It’s a title dragons can earn between 100 and 500 years old.  He’s only 110, but when his little sister gets her Middling title on her birthday, he gained the fire necessary to earn for it.  You will meet several strange characters along the way and learn how even though he’s a dragon, he’s still a child who needs his parent’s help.
Fantasy; Adventure
[About Cat Hartliebe] [About Cyro Hartliebe] [WIP: Cyro’s Middling Adventure]

When I look around me after I wake up, I feel funny.  My aura is back to freezing things at random.  Not that there is anything here.  The rock walls and steel bars are not allowing anything in or out.  Where did Alex go?

Come to think of it, wasn’t the dragon “cave” a tree house?  Wasn’t that Gold Meadows?  I look around testing the air.  I don’t feel humidity.  I don’t feel the excessive warmth.  So… Is this not Gold Meadows?  Or is it under the ground things are different.  Could I be that far under the ground?  I look up.  There is no way to gauge the distance to the surface, only I’m not on it.

I huff moving about the dull area.  I wanted to see gardens.  This isn’t gardens.  Where’s Dad?  Where’s Erin?  Where’s Alex?  He was supposed to be with me.  Now my aura has gone haywire.  Not that it can do anything here.  I shake at the bars looking around for something or someone.

What am I doing?  I teleport to Alex.  Or I try to.  It doesn’t work.  Which means I’m trapped by a dragon.  Not sure who, though.  And I don’t feel pain here more annoyance.  What do I have to do to make this confinement end?

“Freeze everything.”  I start at the bars coating everything with ice.  Then I shoot it up with fire.  Mixing ice and fire normally does something.  Once the fire disappears, I check for anything.  Nope.  I’m good and caught.

I stick my hand through the bars.  Well, Alex could get out.  Right?  I’m not blocked inside.  I shift into a fairy.  It’s thin and wispy, but not overly small.  Small enough?  I move to try to leave between the bars of steel.  I’m not quite small enough.

Come on magic.  Work.  I need to be smaller.  Just a touch smaller.

Nope.  Still caught.  I switch back to dragon and just sit down in the center.  “Ugh.  This was not how I pictured entering Gold Meadows.”

“Welcome to Gold Dungeons!”  Someone calls out just out of sight.  It’s a deep voice.  An old dragon, maybe?  It walks over looking like an elf.  Definitely dragon, then.  No elf can speak that deep.  “You have been marked uncontrollable.”  The elf waves his hand about wildly indicating me in a strange fashion.  “Dragons who are likely to either set the zone on fire or another catastrophe are denied easy entrance.”  It scans me arms crossed.  “White, so ice or fire?”

“Are you asking me?”  I blink staring at it.

The elf nods.  “Yes.  Who else?”  He throws a hand up almost considering me stupid in the process.  I just blink.  “Do you have a problem with fire or ice?”

“Uh… Ice?”  At least I’ve had more trouble with it.  “Where’s my brother?”

“He is in another cavern.”  The elf nods.  “Ice would create trouble for us.  Let us get you a special necklace to wear while staying.”

“What?”  I shake it off.

The elf waves at me while walking onward.  “Without an Elder’s allowance you must wear your necklace while staying in Gold.”

“You capture me because I’m just a Centurion?”

“And marked dangerous by an Elder.”  The elf leaves the area as if done with me.

I sigh blasting ice at the bars just because I can.  What else can I do while here?  And to think they have a way of fully blocking my ice.  Will it hurt me?  Is that why Alex constantly got sick?  I shiver realizing the intent.  Alex struggles with fire more than ice.  And he has randomly lit things on fire before.  I thought it was the warmth making him sick.  Could it have been this?  I shiver stepping footsteps again.

“Hi, Cyro!”  Elise hovers before me as a fairy not trapped.  “I heard you entered Gold.”  She twirls her hair a little then spins in the air.  She’s nothing like I expected out of the princess.  “I am here to set you free.  Since you had special training with Prince William and have control of your ice.  Right?”  She winks at me.  So the necklace would be damaging.


“It’s a new record.  Most dragons do not read anything younger than a year old.  This record is brand new.”  Elise has me freed.  She gave me freedom.  “But you may be killed if you created the level of damage that put you in here.”

“I want to see a garden by walking through it not seeing it from afar.”  I exhale releasing my aura to full extent minimalizing the damage to non existent.  “I have control.  Enough control anywhere.  Like I can get it directed above me where nothing exists while walking about.”

“It would snow on you and no where else.”  Elise grins.  “I knew using the trees would help you better understand.  And the fact you hugged my plant says a lot about your care.”  Elise flies ahead where the elf is chatting to Alex trapped in a cell like mine.  “I got him, Chocolate.”  Elise flies in surprising the elf.

“You take claim of two dragons…”  He pauses reviewing me.  “He’s the ice one?”

“Yup.  Prince William had a special training with him a few days.  It’s in the records.  Ask Mother.”  Elise frees my brother.  Alex is quick to attach himself to me.  So getting super small wasn’t an escape, or Alex didn’t think of it.  “Alexander is not dangerous enough to be concerning with fire.  His uncle was just being mean.”

“He made the entire lake fourteen degrees warmer.  Everything died.”  Chocolate growls out.

I jump forward blocking my brother.  “It’s because he couldn’t swim.  And was denied leaving the water until he could.”

“Seriously.  The report was thrown out during Mother’s reviews last year.  It was bias marked under everyone fights back when attacked.”  Elise wags a finger at Chocolate.  “Icarus had it double checked after he came through last time getting marked.”

Chocolate clicks its tongue.  “I will review your comments and check myself.  If they are free from blame, then I will not bother them again.”

“As if I would lie to you.”  Elise huffs arms crossed.  “I will handle them.  Go whine to your cacao trees.”  Chocolate glowers at the ex-princess.  “Go.”  She even shoos him away.  That’s the power of Elise.  She lost her title of princess, but she still has a consideration above average.  “So difficult.  I swear he accepted this job because he wants to torture small children.”  She spins facing us.  “You wish to visit with Icarus, right?  I was thinking to visit him now that he’s out of the cold.”

“You were…”  Alex pauses looking to me confused.  “Do you like Dad?”

“He’s fun.”  Elise flies forward and we have to rush to catch up.

“I thought you never visited Gold.”  Dad spots Elise first and calls out.  Then he spots us.  “And weren’t the two of you going to White?”  Alex tackles Dad before anyone could say anything.  Elise only laughs circling them.  “Did you do that on purpose?”

Alex nods hugging tighter.  “Thank you for getting them to review the record.”

“You aren’t struggling with anything.”  Dad rubs his head and forces him to get off.  “Now, why is it I have Elise, Cyro, and Alex as a group invading my home?”

“I thought Mom sent word.”  I crouch down hopeful it wasn’t a lie.

“I didn’t think you’d get here so quickly.  Why is Elise with you?”  Dad focuses on the fairy ex-princess.  She just twirls.

“She saved us.”  Alex reaches out to grab Elise, but she flies out of reach.  “She told Chocolate to recheck things.”

“It doesn’t surprise me Chocolate didn’t check anything.  Either it’s older than a year or Chocolate doesn’t know about it.”  Elise shrugs looking to me.  “And Cyro’s report was only recently filed.”

“Come to think of it.”  Dad scans the area around me and back tracks our trail a bit.  “Congratulations are in order.  That is an impressive control, Cyro.”  He slaps my back.  “Erin will be impressed, too.”

“Where is she?”  Alex asks.

“I want to see her garden.”  I state.  “I never could before.”

“First I wish to make Cyro some cake.  Celebrations require cake.”

“And this is why I love visiting Icarus.”  Elise whispers to my brother and I.  “Chocolate cake?”

“Cyro prefers cinnamon.”  Dad’s already off into his cave.

The warmth of Gold is more reasonable underground.  But it’s nothing like the dungeons.  This is more workable.

“It’s freezing in here.”  Elise rubs her arms creating a coat for her little fairy body.  “What type of gold dragon are you?”

“I just spent the last hundred years in the Tundra.  And my boys are white and silver.  You think I don’t know their preference?  It will be a touch chilly to make it more comfortable for them.”  Dad looks back to me and Alex.  “Now, did you wish to help me make the cake?  I wasn’t ready at all.”

“Yes!”  I jump forward.  I won’t freeze the ingredients.  It will be the best cake ever!  Alex just watches with interest as I help Dad make my special celebratory cake.  I love it.

Eating cake I earned is amazing.  And not only did I earn it, I made it.  Because I finally could.  Nothing froze while I worked.  Even when Alex left the room, I had enough control to keep everything from turning into ice cubes.

“Victory tastes good.”  Dad smiles at me as I devour a second slice.  “You’ve been on the move a lot.  I’ve been keeping an eye on you.  Have you been resting properly?  Eating properly?  I can offer a room for you to rest in.  Or a full scale meal if you’re hungry.”

Alex catches my eyes.  We haven’t be sleeping or eating well at all.  Since his birthday really.  We’ve been going around without awareness to time or space.  “We probably should take a break and get in a good nap and meal.”

“Exactly.”  Dad stands up cleaning up the space and all the items.  “Elise, how about we chat in my room while the boys learn the cave?”

“You keep it hot in there, right?”  Elise does look cold.  She was fine in William’s house.  Or perhaps she was ready for it.  This time she wasn’t expecting cold since this is supposed to be warm.

“How about we copy Elise and look like gold fairies?”  Alex asks me.  He shifts to be a larger version of Elise.  He tugs his hair out of his way.  “Are there any bald fairies?”

“I don’t think gold fairies accept bald options.”  I shift into a gold fairy, then switch it out for silver.  Much better.  The hair is straighter, so easier to handle.  And they would accept short hair or even no hair, not that’s it’s common.  Alex nods copying me.  It’s similar to gold, but the off shimmer is silver not gold.  We look like the moon not the sun.  “So, we can check out Dad’s cave?”

“It’s nice not being sick all the time.” Alex nods flying about.  We zoom through the place.

I spot an unused room that’s set up for a bedroom.  I’m caught and let frost cover all the walls.  It cools off the room.  With that, I move in to burn my name into the floor.

“That’s cool.”  Alex runs a finger over my burnt writing.  “I should do it to my room.”

“We can sleep later.”  I fly back out of the room and down the hall.  I find my brother’s and sister’s rooms.  They each have marks to say they own it.  Now I have my own.  Cake and a new room.  This has been a nice visit.

We move quickly and quietly about.  It ends up with us hovering outside Dad’s room while he chats with Elise.  Hearing him has us stop.  “She visited him during closed contract.  What am I supposed to say?  Just ignore it?  She’s asking for a fight.”

“You act like you’d rather still be in Tundra with her.”  Elise seems calm.

Dad’s riled.  We peer in seeing him pace some.  Elise is focused on the pacing elf.  “I don’t mind her.  So many were confused or surprised I accepted it even if it looked more like punishment.  I didn’t see it that way.  She’s different.  It was calming.  The chaos of nature just in a dragon.”

“I don’t think you see straight, Icarus.”

He stops glowering. I pull back listening without sight.  “Cat is different from many of the other dragons.  Sure, we didn’t see eye to eye, but think about it.  She let me keep my room at fifty degrees.  It wasn’t just for Erin.  Erin doesn’t like that level of heat. And she visited me over the years.  Just sat in my room chatting even as if the temperature didn’t matter.  Can you name another silver dragon willing to sit in that level of warmth?”  Dad drops to the ground sitting there staring into the distance.  I checked when I heard his plop.  “She’s something else.  And knowing the relationship she came out of.  I’m willing to stay as a closed contract.”

“It ended, you know.  With the kids leaving the cave, the contract ended.”  Elise glances to spot us.  He knows you can hear.  It’s okay.  Her words calm me.  “Have you thought of just going back to her cave?  Hanging out?”

“Yeah.  And I will.  I figured I’d make sure this place was back to where I want it.  She mentioned the boys showing up, so I stayed waiting.  Once I bring them to Erin, I’m going to see if she’ll let me visit her.”  He grunts out turning to us at the door.  “It’s rude to just listen in without warning.”

Alex jumps pushing me inside first.  “Sorry.”

“Sorry, Dad.”  I duck my head.  “It’s just…  The silver dragon… He’s…”  I bite my lip looking to Alex.  We saw him.  They were visiting.

“He was there when we visited.”  Alex blurts out.  Good I wasn’t sure how to say it.  “Qian Tang.”

“I know about him.”  Dad waves it off.  “Annoying prior to the contract breaking, but she can have whoever she wants visiting her now.”

I nod.  It makes sense.  “Mom would let you in.  I know she will.”

Dad chuckles getting up.  “You’re cute, Cyro.  I don’t think I need you to hook me up again.”  He pats my head while leaving the room.  “How about I make something to eat?  Centaur burgers?”

“I love centaur burgers.”  Alex licks his lips.

Dad motions us to follow him into the kitchen.  “Your mother and I have something.  And technically we have an open contract because you three aren’t a thousand yet.  Qian is allowed to interest her.  I can’t stop them.”

Alex leans forward wagging his tail over the burgers.  “Do you wish you still had a closed contract with Mom?”

Dad stops staring at him a moment.  Then he nods.  “Yes.  I wish we still were in a closed contract.”

Alex and I share a glance.  I got Mom and Dad together the first time.  It wouldn’t work the same a second.  Alex turns back to Dad as he cooks.  “Should I tell Mom?”

“I’d be surprised if she doesn’t already know.”  Dad hands off a just barely cooked burger to Alex.  He looks to me.  “Your mouth isn’t watering.  You gotta eat, though.  What do you want?”

“A centaur burger works.”  I watch him thinking back to how we found Mom.  “We ruined their visit.”  I state.  “Qian wasn’t sure how to handle us being around.”

“Some dragons find it hard to handle kids.”  Dad hands me a burger.  “Medium.  Cat wants more kids.  She’ll end up in another closed contract with another dragon, but besides me I don’t think anyone would agree for another four hundred years minimum.”

“You would start a new closed contract with Mom?”  Alex mouth drops open.  “I could get another sister?”

“Or brother.”  Dad nods motioning to me.  Alex looks way too excited over the idea.  “Cat is planning on it either way.  Once I bring you to Erin, I’m going to see if she’s interested.”

Elise drops into the chair beside me.  “Can’t believe you’re that caught, Ike.”  Dad rolls his eyes not responding to the ex-princess.

“I hope Mom agrees.”  Alex sighs.  I notice he finished his burger already. “I want another sister.”

“Not another brother?”  Dad still seems surprised by Alex’s words.

“A silver sister and a gold brother.”  Alex nods looking to me.  “Twins again.”  He’s all smiles.

“Twins are tough.”  I state.  “I don’t know if I’d want another sister or brother.”

“You don’t get the choice.”  Dad pokes my head then rubs it.  “You will still be welcome in the cave.  Your bedroom will stay as long as you need it to.”

“We’re going to travel until we earn title.”  Alex nods getting up.  “I’m going to take a nap.”  He flies off definitely excited.

I sigh.  My burger is gone.  Should I eat more?  Or nap like Alex?  “Where did Erin settle?”

“She’s with my aunt in Electrum.”  Dad responds.  “I wasn’t shoving her off into Electrum alone after all.  She just wants a place she can really practice her skills.”

“Aunt Evie?”  I look to Dad and see his nod.  “I only got to hear about everyone.  I can finally visit them.  It’s different leaving the safety of ice and snow.”

“I noticed the fixes you did to your room.  You have gotten a lot better with control of your ice.  I’m glad Prince William could help.”  Dad moves back to cook.  “How about goblin steak?”  The idea has me licking my lips.  “I’ll take that as a yes.”  I nod wildly as he starts cooking again.

“Me too!  I want goblin steak.”  Elise bounces on her chair.  It’s like she came here to eat Dad’s cooking.  If she’s that interested in his cooking, why did she not visit us in Silver Tundra?  Could closed contract stop all visits?  I thought it just stopped all bedroom visits.

After steak, I settle into my new room for a nap.  We have been traveling a lot without much sleep.  As long as nothing living is near me while I rest nothing will deep freeze.  I won’t have control minus keeping my aura to my room.  That will have to do.

[About Cat Hartliebe] [About Cyro Hartliebe] [WIP: Cyro’s Middling Adventure]

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