I started the year with goals.  Currently, I’m doing alright. 

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My blog, facebook, twitter, and Instagram (Wha? I have one?  Yup) have all gained traction.  I think.  Maybe.  They’re more active at least.  And honestly, I just made an Instagram account.  Why?  So I can stare at Blackpink’s photos…  It wasn’t done for my author brand, but I won’t say it’s not going to be connected.

I have read one fiction book.  Most of my readings have been within research, so nonfiction stuff.  And there was no nonfiction full fledged book I read start to finish.  So I’m at one.  Just one.  I have been reading a lot of things, but more articles or parts of a larger book.  Reading 12 books and 5 rereads will be harder than I thought.

The sell 40 books…  I have “sold” free copies totaling nearly 40.  But can that truly be counted?  I want this to be 40 sold books that net me profit.  At this point, I know I’ll reach 40 books “sold”.  But I want to aim for 40 books that get me profit.  Let’s see which goal will be accomplished.

With Unbelievable available to the public, I have 1/4 of the desired published books.  Unavoidable will be out about August 10th.  And I plan to have a big celebration for my completion of the series.  I’m going with the series is done for now.  So people will get to celebrate with cheap ebooks.  I think I may even put Unwanted at free for life.  Amazon hates that, though.

My sink hasn’t been filled with dishes.  I’ve been keeping up on it.  And it helps me.  Because staring at the water, out the window, or the mundane task of washing gives me time to think.  Sometimes thought is the only way to push through a block.

On the writing side of things…  I’ve cleared two stories within series I already started.  Kura’s book 2 is complete and her book 3 is started.  Mission 9 of Organization was almost done but I didn’t like crying while writing so put it off.  Now that’s done.  I did not start mission 10.  Mostly because I don’t know the main plot for the story.  I know a ton of subplots and the overarching plot.  But what’s the mission for 10?  I don’t know.  Currently, I am writing book 37(?) of Modern Werewolves.  You can read it as I write on Wattpad.  My brother required me to write it.  It’s been going, although I wonder how well.  I don’t connect with the character really well.

My recipes are… No better than before.  I’m making new recipes and figuring out cooking and baking.  Like I’m excited to have made white sauce that’s dairy free and gluten free.  I made chicken gnocchi (like Olive Garden’s) that didn’t have my allergens.  I impressed myself with it.  I knew it was only finding gnocchi that I could eat. But I haven’t set anything up for the cookbook.  It’s still in the same set up it was last year.  My knowledge would be wasted if I keep that up.  It’s going to end up being one day where I take all my notes and throw it together.  I’ll go from having zero ready to having twenty.  I can see it.  Just that day hasn’t happened.  Oh well.  It’s only February.

Mom has refused all attempts for me to help her.  Although I’ve pressed using Grandma Gigi as her brand name.  Exact spelling isn’t known.  For a sewing brand it suits.  It only works because she’s of that age.  If she started this brand when she was sixteen, I wonder what her name would have been.  Her first goal was to be a seamstress.  This isn’t something new to her at all. (Now I want to ask if she had any thoughts for a brand name as a teenager.)

I added two new goals to my list: Get Stronger.  and   Get Cyro their passport.

Get stronger should be obvious.  I’m weak and sickly.  I don’t want to be.  If I just try every day to get stronger, I’ll get better.  Diet and exercise is the key to health.  I’m not fighting the medical field until I get a proper diagnosis.  I need to be stronger before I can fight.

Cyro needs their passport.  They’ve needed it for over a year now.  First I need the paperwork.  Then to pay the government.  And they’ll be able to go anywhere.

On that note, I have my old shot records.  Looking them over I realized: I can’t leave North America without getting vaccinated.  It’s been too long.  Ugh.  I’d be a public health risk going places.  Or my health is at risk going places.  Although really vaccination is to protect the population not the self.  So, no visiting random places.  Not that I was planning on it.  I didn’t add travel to my goal’s list after all.  That would fully be in bonus category.

Overall for a month in, I think I’m doing well.  I’m organizing myself, planning, and trying.  The only way to succeed is to try.

How are you doing with your plans for the year?

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