Poem: Tree of Knowledge

<Jersey Pine; Pine Barrens; You get the picture>

Tree of Knowledge

I may not be what you expect,
I may only be a pine,
But I think I know New Jersey best;
I’ve been here all my life.

I saw thousands of honey bees;
The singing birds I love.
To think of life without them
I’d hate more than fire burns.

The people are the craziest.
They think they know a lot.
I’ve lived a hundred years or more,
And they want to leave this spot.

I feel this place is perfect,
Others don’t think so.
But this place has nearly everything
From A.C. to a nice pine tree grove.

I call myself the Tree of Knowledge,
So think of me as thus.
Talk to me about Jersey,
‘Cause nowhere else has spunk!

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