Poem: Graduate

Looking through my old high school poem books I found a poem I lost! 

It’s exciting.  Now you get to read it.  If you want.  No pressure.  My high school published the Regaler every year.  I’m proud to say I was one of the staff members during my high school career.  Again I question why I didn’t start seriously publishing in high school?


Eighteen years of crying
Seventeen years of walking
Sixteen years of talking
Fifteen years of following
Fourteen years of teachers
Thirteen years of ABCs & 1,2,3s
Twelve years of writing the
Eleven years of addition
Ten years of divison
Nine years of cursive
Eight years of answering questions
Seven years of gym every day
Six years of electives
Five years of solving for x
Four years of high school
Three years of U.S. trivia
Two years of being an upperclassman
One year of being a senior
Now you get to graduate
Don’t you wish you could go back?

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