Poem: The Cheesecake isn’t Worth It

As some may know I’m allergic to what feels like the world. 

I’m not even sure of everything on the list I can’t have, but I know soy, dairy, and egg have always been problems for me.  I didn’t know what shock was, but I’ve gone through it, survive it, since I was very young.  Since going through pregnancy, my list has gotten larger.  Such as I can’t have wheat.  Add on to the fact I have intolerances… It’s a big problem.  And it by itself makes me wish for death.  But the Cheesecake isn’t Worth It.

The Cheesecake Isn’t Worth It

Eating should be full of fun
Trying things just because
The sweetness, salty, or inane
Food comes in many forms

My body denies such options
So many tempt me into death
My heart gives up from one lick
Breathing is underrated

Not being able to join the fun
It doesn’t matter which disability is on
My hope has me wish I was wrong
That these are all mental thoughts

Still I can only watch and stare
Instead of try your typical fare
My heart squeezes me inside
Wishful I could just try

But the hospital has failed many times
Shock is faster than you think
As much as I wish it wasn’t true
The cheesecake isn’t worth my life

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