Poem: Let’s Not

FYI I have no “you” person.  But this is why I’m not getting as much writing.

Let’s Not

Currently my thoughts are empty
nothing running rampant
the sheer lack is more than enough right now

working through everything
staring into the blankness
even my whispers seem far away

You questioned about fun
or playing a certain game
something normal in a normal way

yet my absence holds strong
nothing really hooks on
as I whisper out, “Let’s not.”

You pushed aside the game
pretending it wouldn’t be worth it
acting like my existence has more meaning

another question this one more serious “Food?”
as if hunger would drag me out of the darkness
my words again slip out, “Let’s not.”

The suggestion is not forgotten as you try again
this time rest or bath; I just shake my head
“Let’s not,” still whispers from my lips

You settle for the positives hopeful
making a meal of gruel and oatmeal
shoving the spoon in my mouth forceful

my mind still mutters the words
refusing to give in completely
my stomach growls out, “Let’s.”

Soon you have me moving
a shower clears more than dirt and dander
not that my mind’s fully lifted

when my feet hit the sand
as you take me to the fun
my heart’s “Let’s not” has become too weak

Perhaps the smile is just a vision you created
the perfect question wasn’t needed
since “Let’s not” wins any time depression’s visiting

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