Poem: Running on Fumes

<It’s hidden knowledge that I’m talking about my body not my car.  Let’s keep that hidden. :D>

Running on Fumes

I’m running on fumes.
My gas gauge is nearly empty again.
My coolant has been gone for seems like weeks.
The engine barely starts,
I was jumped yesterday.
So today I’m running on fumes.

I don’t have time nor patience
To wait in that long ass line.
The gas station is never cheap by me.
So I can’t seem to stop on by.
Money is not always in my pocket.
My oil is running low.
The mechanic says just fill it up
It will be fine,
But I am feeling low.

I’m running on fumes from yesterday
Tomorrow does not look good neither.
Maybe I could be mistaken,
But this lemon just deserves to die.
I filled her up earlier
And still she sputters and fails
I’m just not up to par enough
With my very reluctant four wheels.

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