At what point does is one become successful enough to get a wiki page? 
[About Cat Hartliebe]

A few years ago, I stated I wanted to be famous enough to be a notable person on Brick’s Wikipedia page.  It has one.  And there are several listed who would be called notable.  Some more on the local level, some more on the everyone knows their name level.

I’ve been around as an author for a while.  And I’m not even on the local scene.  Although is that necessary for authors?  I could get international fame before local fame.  Not that I have either.  Not that it seems likely I’ll have any.

Ignore the depression talking.  Be happy it talks.  When it doesn’t talk, you get death poems.

At what point can I get a wiki page?  Have I already amassed enough public existence to have a page?  And if I manage to gain that level of public standing, what would be posted on it?

I never really went too far with this idea.  I mean, I want a wiki page.  That still sounds awesome.  To be important enough to someone to get such consideration.  But then… What would be written?

Currently my about the author is lame:
A writer. After decades of writing, they publish. Has no aim to be the next JK Rowling nor William Shakespeare. Just wants to help others. And sometimes all someone really needs is a good book. Hope you find yours.
Contact me with any questions or comments through
my facebook:
or email:
Thanks for reading!

It says nothing about me.  I’d rather people not know much about me.  Because personal existences are separate from the stories themselves.  If a reader wants to know, I’m readily findable here or on youtube or facebook or where ever.  I’m not hiding as much anymore.

What would my wiki say?  It would be Cat Hartliebe.  It doesn’t currently exist.  What about my life is special?  Important?  Should it just talk about my books?  It’s not like I have much else to say about me.

What would you say about me if you were told to write a wiki page for me?  What would you want to know?

[About Cat Hartliebe]

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