Writing times at Barnes and Noble

It’s high time I plan out specific times and days I sit at Barnes and Noble writing.

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So I can easily be spotted by fans, of course.

*Cries silently in corner*

No.  Because I need a steady get out of the house and focus on your writing.  I don’t write nearly enough.  (Stares at the 50k written this month.)  Ignoring the fact I beat most people’s writing habits doesn’t mean I write enough.

Currently I stand at the bottom of a massive hill.  It’s the hill of making money through writing.  I have to push my rock higher up the hill to earn more.  Now if I was capable of pushing it up the hill by myself, there’d be no issue (that would mean I have a name that would sell the book before it’s written).  I’m not capable.  My name isn’t valuable.

Anything can help push the rock up the hill.  Having more product available helps.  Having high quality product helps.  Having a team helps. Actually that probably helps the most.  Even if everyone cannot push the rock very far on their own, together we could get the rock quite far up the hill.

I wish I had a team.  A group of people who could chat with me about my stories.  Boost me into writing and editing more.  Suggest other authors who are along my same lines.  Tell others about me.  Write reviews for the stories I have finished.  Like, comment, and share my media posts.  It’s not like the team members have to do everything on the list.  Something is enough.  Anything at all is helpful.

My rock is still at the bottom of the hill.  The weight of the rock is more than what I can and have managed.  It sucks.

For some strange reason, I let the government know about my writing.  Because I’ve published.  I want to be a serious author.  That means I need a cost analysis sheet for my brand.  I pulled all my profits from last year… $10.  A touch over, but that’s how much it feels I made.  $10.  And that’s bigger than any other year!  And I sold more books, although many of them during free events.  Because if people get my free stories maybe they’ll buy my books for real.  It hasn’t happened.  And don’t forget my cost analysis sheet needs the cost side of things.  Now I don’t spend much on my writing.  I really don’t.  And I ignored the fact I had to upgrade my computer which would put this cost over $500.  I know, it’s a cheap computer, but the other one was dying.  So the cost of getting proof copies so I could review how the cover and formatting is (which is seriously important for print copies) came to $50.  Ugh.  I’m at $-40 for 2018.  Really $-540.

Looking at the cost report made me depressed and disappointed in myself.  How is it I’ve been published for five years and still have no profit?  How is it I’ve had a facebook page and blog for four and three years respectively and still don’t have a profit.  My wattpad is as old as my published books even!  Free stories to boost myself.

And there has been nothing coming from this.

For writing, building a team to boost you is essential.  If I went out and told people to buy my book it’s boasting.  When someone else calls my work great, it’s more truthful.  That’s why reviews are so important.  Reviews are more important than anything else.

I’m sidetracked.

Probably on purpose.

Okay, I need to pick a day and time to just focus on my writing craft.  Or maybe I should pick a day to go out for a few hours writing.  Then pick a day for editing.  Then again, editing requires far more time than writing.  50k a month is nothing.  I can do 50k in a week.  Editing those 50k though will take months.  And pushing through it is not a suggestion.  I made myself a touch ill while focusing on pushing out The Secret of Preshift.  I knew it wasn’t absolutely required, but I wanted to give it another full round of edits.  It was a sacrifice I was willing to make.  I also don’t suggest it.

So a day where I go and write, read, or edit.  Weighing the different days and times, I think Tuesday morning would be good.  Or maybe Thursday morning would be good.  Perhaps both.  Tuesday night I’m planning on going anyway, although that’s more dependent on my mother, so I don’t want to guarantee that time.  If I pick the evening or weekend, I have Cyro to worry over too.  If they’re open to going, a weekend time would be awesome.  We could plan for Saturdays and Sundays about noon even.  Minus their Tae Kwon Do test days.  It’s been too often child fights me with writing times and days, though.  I don’t have the strength for it.  If they don’t want to write with me, they don’t have to.  Cyro Hartliebe could end as a name without any real importance.

I grind my teeth over that too.  Because they have such a huge imagination.  They have skills with writing.  They love to read.  And the light they can show off at the idea of their story being in print, of seeing their name in print, is astronomical.  But I can’t fight.  And they fight.  Because writing isn’t always fun.  It can be a slog.  It can be boring.  It’s a real job with real struggles.  It doesn’t matter that people say “Everyone can write a book.”  I’ll agree.  But getting a book completely ready for the final stage of publishing is a lot bigger than just writing when it pleases you.  Or writing only what pleases you.

Ugh.  So I am here planning the days I’ll show up at Barnes and Noble.  Tuesday morning hopefully at 9am.  Then maybe I’ll aim for Thursday morning at the same time.  Starting next week.  And hopefully every Tuesday and Thursday from then on.  Even if I stay for a half hour, it will matter.  I swear it matters.  I need to be available to my fans.  I need to find those fans first.

*cries in corner*

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