SS Home of Beauix (Religious Alpha #3)

The third in the series keeps to the little hometown Linda came from.  Things are changing.  It seems I was always a chaotic writer.

Genre: fantasy, adventure [WIP: Religious Alpha] [Cat Hartliebe’s Books] [About Cat Hartliebe]

A thief can purge even an army of its resources.  Soon enough, the thief would be caught, but the act of stealing would have occurred.  A thief normally will flee if chance arises, that is if it is a normal thief.  Madame Beauix, also known as Madame Dreame, seems to meet the not normal people though.

Madame Beauix sighs as she watches Linda go.  “I hope for the best.  Now I must talk with my husband about our “good fortune” and our “new” name.”  She rushes off to her old home.  She tells her husband the story of what she just obtained.  Together they rush back to the house to claim it as their own.


      Meanwhile, Blaz, a very bad thief, overheard the conversation between Linda and Madame Dreame/Beauix.  He watches Linda leave and then Madame Dreame run off in the shadows of the house.  He was very good at hiding but everything else dealing with thievery he has failed more than once at.

Blaz entered the house quietly, but before reaching the way downstairs, he falls over a chair, knocks a side table over and frightened a black cat that had been sleeping near the ladder down is. Blaz completely scared now that the gods have just cursed him with bad luck, wanders down in search of the deed to the house.  He crushes the only carton with food in it.

Blaz sits down and looks around.  He does not see any box anywhere.  He stands and walks to the wall.  He touches it; it was cold and hard, like it just be.  He was never sure where to look for secret doors.  He turns and looks at the room again and there was the box he was looking for the entire time.  Blaz looks around.  ‘Why didn’t I notice it before?’  He hits his head.  “I was sitting on it, duh.”

Madame Beauix calls from up stairs.  “Who is here?  Who said that?”

Blaz covers his mouth.  ‘Damnit, not again.’  He tosses the box away, picks up the latch and goes down into the secret room.  He lights the only candle in the whole room and looks around.  He finds the deed in a drawer of the only desk in the room.  He grabs it and hides it in his shirt.  He doses the light and starts to exit the room.

Madame Beauix grabs him as his head reaches the basement.  “Who do you thin you are?  Wandering in my house like this?”

Blaz tries to make her release him, but fails.  He crawls out from the secret room and the door bangs shut.  Madame Beauix’s husband stands next to her.  He is a fisherman normally, but since his marriage to Madame Beauix, he has not been out on a boat.  His name is Fearghus Dreame or now Fearghus Beauix.  He was a big man.  Blaz begs for forgiveness from Madame Beauix and Fearghus.

Madame Beauix looks at the young man.  “Who are you?  What do you want?”

Blaz tries to crawl away.  “I am… um…  Blaz.”   ‘You idiot, you said your real name, again.  Last time, they put you in jail.  Do not this time say why you were here.’  “I came to steal the deed to your house.”  ‘Damnit, damnit, damnit.’

Madame Beauix tosses him to her husband who grabs him tightly.  “Child, where is the deed now.”

Blaz gets gripped tighter by Fearghus as he squirms.  “I’m sorry…  I have it now.”  ‘Damnit, damnit, damnit.’

Fearghus searches Blaz at Madame Beauix’s command.  He takes the deed out of his shirt and gives it to hi wife.  “That’s the deed, but this poor fellow told us the truth…”

Blaz squeezes out of Fearghus’s clutches. “I’m sorry.  Don’t throw me in jail. I just don’t make a good thief.  Please…  I beg for your forgiveness.  Let me be in your service.  I will do anything… anything.  Just don’t call the guards.”  He kneels on the floor and clasps his hands together.

Madame Beauix laughs at the sad excuse for a thief.  “Doesn’t our law say thieves get stoned?”  She eyes Blaz and lightly taps her husband.

Blaz drops his head.  It touches the disgustingly dirty basement floor.  “Please, I can help in some way….  Please…  I beg you from the bottom of my heart.”

Madame Beauix laughs whole-heartedly.  “Of course, come now.  You can stay here with us.  I know a nice old “gentleman” who could help you fix your technique.”  She slaps him on the back.  “I would’ve hated having to go down into the secret room myself.  So I thank you for your service.  Come, I shall fix some food.”  She walks out.

Blaz knew this was his chance, but food and this old “gentleman” helping him sounded too good.  He followed the lady and her husband upstairs.  They eat, drink, and speak of this old gentleman.  The old gentleman’s name is Baqer.  With time Blaz will get the chance to meet this Baqer.

[WIP: Religious Alpha] [Cat Hartliebe’s Books] [About Cat Hartliebe]

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