SS Blaz “Bought” it (Religious Alpha #6)

The final of the short series.  The story isn’t fully complete. 

So much happens.  And really story six is already started called “Traveling Kinda”.  But honestly, I would want to rewrite the entire short series not losing too much, but making it something I can truly be proud of.  My eighteen year old self was very proud of this series.  That’s how old I was when I wrote what I did.  And you can tell reading through it.  The next series will be more recent.  Tune in next week.

Genre: adventure, fantasy
[WIP: Religious Alpha] [Cat Hartliebe’s Books] [About Cat Hartliebe]

A simple man ever counts his chickens before they hatch, but then again what man tries to count a pen full of chickens?  A question for the ages, except then it comes to the chickens Blaz meets on his road.

When Rodrigo and Rose are five, a boy and his master come to the house.  Miss Bleu treats the boy as a son, but he is a thief.  Miss Bleu always watches out for thieves, but this one is different.  She hugs him like she does Rodrigo and Rose.  The old master relaxes at Miss Bleu’s house for a while with his apprentice.  Rose and Rodrigo could not get their mother’s attention like they could before, but that did not stop their playing.


Blaz, the boy and apprentice, was quick of wit and faster with his reflexes than he was before.  He rarely trips, anymore, yet he stills seems a bit on the clumsy side.  Baqer, his master, was a good man.  Baqer had patience and virtues most thieves would die because of.  But Baqer was an old thief and saw things through a different angle.  “Don’t mess with those bigger than you.  Always respect.  Wear your clothes proudly.  Sneak, but do not steal.”  Blaz was getting sick of it.  He has been getting much better.  Baqer still did not trust the young man.

Miss Bleu or Madame Beauix or Madame Dreame, all being the same person, kept watch over the thieves.  She mothered Blaz.  Blaz could not take any more of this protecting.  He wanted to steal; he wanted to be a real thief.  He knew the codes by heart.  He listened to everything that Baqer said, but he should be a stealer not a logical flee-er.

So being the type of person he was Blaz went to Baqer.  “I want to steal like any thief.  I know the codes.  I have done everything that you asked.  Now teach me the truth to stealing.”

Baqer smiles at the boy.  “You have been working hard.”  He places his hand on the boy’s back.  “Yes maybe it is time you learn to steal like the best of them.”  He sighs.  “I remember years ago I made my mentor take me out. I wasn’t ready that first time.”  He picks up the paper he had been reading not too long before.  He points out a man’s picture.  “This man is my old friend from training.  He stole something from me many years ago.  We shall be going to see him.  He will be your first shot at real thievery.”  He grins at Blaz, tosses the paper on his chair and walks out of the room.  “Be ready for tonight’s run.”

Blaz smiles carelessly feeling like he won, but he glances at the story to cause the man’s picture in the paper.  ‘Caught major thief, Zachary.’  Blaz spirit drops, his eyes widen and his mouth drops.  “We are stealing from the empire?”  He runs out and tries to find Baqer, but he had locked his door.  Blaz wanders, shaking a bit.  He has learned Rose normally calms him down with her play.

Rose finds Blaz walking down the hall near her room.  She has been looking for him.  She has been wondering about something and wants to ask Blaz’s opinion of it.  “Blaz, I have to ask you something.”  She grabs Blaz by the hand.  “Your hand is rather cold and sweaty.  Have you been thinking about Kinda, again?”

Blaz shakes his head a bit wildly.  “No, no, no.  She is just a fellow thief.  I might be asking Baqer to ask her to come with us tonight.”

Rose giggles.  “Kinda and Blaz!”  She hugs Blaz.  “It’s okay.”  She smiles like the young child she is.  “I still want to ask you something.”  She regrabs Blaz’s hand and pulls him off to the library.  “See I found this book with a picture in it.”  She lets go of Blaz and picks up the book and shoves an open book in Blaz’s face.  “This looks like that lady who comes, doesn’t it?”

Blaz takes the book and stares at the picture some.  “Actually she looks like you.”

Rose giggles.  “Sooo not true!  I am much more beautiful right?”

Blaz rubs Rose’s head.  “Of course little one.  Now about this lady.”  He looks the book over holding the page.  “You know this looks like a diary.  Do you know who wrote it?”

Rose shakes her head.  “Nope.  Mamma told me most of these books came from the owner of the house before her.”  She plays with her pendant around her neck as she normally does when she is nervous.  “She does look like me.  And Mamma and Poppa do not look anything like me.  They say I was like a beautiful artwork when I was born.  But I do not think it was Mamma who had me.  Should I ask her about this?”

Blaz smiles.  “Who cares who had you?  Mamma is the one who took me in years ago.  So what if that is how you came here.  She still loves and cherishes you.”

Rose frowns.  “I know but…” She pulls off her necklace.  She holds up the pendant to Blaz.  “Why does this say ‘Princess Keitha of DeVino, eldest’ then?  Wasn’t Keitha the name of the princess who had to run from the king?  Am I really Rose Lynn Dreame?  I am so confuse.”  She sighs and sits down in one of the chairs.

Blaz smiles at the little stressed out child.  “You are so cute then you are confused.”  He laughs and relaxes Rose with his hug and smile.  “Everything will work out.  I will be wandering near the castle soon so if I hear anything about Keitha I will tell you okay?”

Rose smiles at Blaz.  “Thank you for being my big brother.”  She hugs him grabs a book from the shelf and leaves the library.

Blaz walks out the library.  “Now I should get ready for this adventure but first I should ask Kinda if she is willing to come.”  As he wanders to the front door a voice calls to him by a set of windows.

“Hey boy come ‘ere.”  It is a soft feminine voice with lightness almost unnoticeable.  A hand grabs him from the back covering his mouth and pulls him to the side of the wall in the shadows of a large plant.  “I thought you said you were going to see me this afternoon.  Where have you been?”

Blaz mumbles through the hand.

“Right.”  She unlocks herself from him.  “We had a date today to practice but where was my friend?”  She shakes her head tosses her hand around a little not really annoyed but getting there.  She evilly grins at him.

Blaz grins back happy to have her as his friend.  “Kinda, you now I was coming eventually.”  He shrugs.  “What are you doing here?”

Kinda smiles.  “Well I came in search of you, but of course Baqer found me.  He told me to ready for tonight.  He needs us to help rescue his old pal from prison.”

Blaz nods.  “Of course he tells you what he is actually doing.  I had to find out on my own.”  He looks Kinda over and smiles; she is beautiful in all black.

Kinda laughs at his gaze.  She grabs his arm and pulls him off towards his room.  “Time to get ready perv.”

After they get ready they walk over to Baqer’s room.  “Hey it’s getting late out and we have a far distance to travel tonight.”  Blaz bangs on the door.

Miss Dreame yells over at them “Stop that racquet Baqer is waiting for you outside.”  She shoos them out.

“‘Bout time you showed up.  Let’s get going.”  Baqer starts to run off.  Blaz and Kinda follow at a short distance.

Around sunrise they end up at a town.  Baqer hides in the bush outside the town.  “First thing is stealing tends to be not honorable.  Stealing for your food is a different story.  Kinda go find some bread.  Blaz go find some meat.  I will collect some firewood and build our camp.  It will not be the most comfortable but enough so we can get some sleep and some food in us.  Hurry you have until the sun hits high then return no matter what.  Sleep now is more important than food.”  He heads off into the forest at their back.

Kinda smiles at Blaz.  “Good luck.  I think he expects more of you giving you the task of retrieving the meat.”  She sneaks off into town.

Blaz looks around.  “Okay now how am I to find food let alone meat by noon.  It is a mere few hours away and I’ve never really stolen before.  Well gotten away with stealing…”  He checks his equipment a simple dagger and his leather outfit.  ‘No killing’ he thinks to himself.  He sighs and wanders into town.

A man yells “Bread! Good clean fresh bread!  Just baked!”  Another calls about jewelry.  Blaz does not have much trouble sneaking around there is already a crowd. He wanders over to a man with chickens in a pen.  The man notices Blaz and smiles wickedly.  “Would you like a chicken, my good man?”

Blaz nods.  “But I haven’t the money.”

The man sneers at him.  “Then get away, boy.”  He watches him closely as he walks away.

Blaz sneaks into a back alley and watches the stand of chickens.  The man sells one as Blaz watches him.  The pen was hastily made when the man came this morning.  A simple kick in the right spot and down it would go.  There are twelve chickens in the pen.  One might not be notice if one ends up missing.  Now how will that work?  He follows the shadows near a boy who he pushes into the chicken pen at the spot to destroy the pen.  Everyone except the man who owns the chickens checks to see if the boy is okay.  Blaz smoothly picks up a chicken and walks away hiding the chicken within his arms as if carrying a very important item.  ‘Hopefully no one saw or sees me but just in case I should try to stay away from this part of town.’  He quickly hides in an alleyway and sneaks using the building’s shadow as cover out of town.

At the morning meeting place Baqer had just finished making the fire.  Kinda had returned with a loaf upset at herself for not being able to get more.  Baqer had a smile on his face as Blaz returned.

“I knew you would return with meat as I asked.  Sit and show us your accomplishment.”  He motions for him to sit down.  They de-feather and eat the chicken devour the bread and go to sleep each thief staying on watch in turn.  Kinda is last to take her turn as guard.

***  As a special bonus, I’ll include what was written for Traveling Kinda.  Maybe you’ll be interested to pushing me to rewrite/write this short series.

Traveling Kinda

Whoever asks a thief for help must really need help.  Some thieves though are very willing to offer their help especially to friends or friends of friends. But then… can you trust your friends’ friends’ friends?

At the morning meeting place Baqer had just finished making the fire.  Kinda had returned with a loaf upset at herself for not being able to get more.  Baqer had a smile on his face as Blaz returned.

“I knew you would return with meat as I asked.  Sit and show us your accomplishment.”  He motions for him to sit down.  They de-feather and eat the chicken devour the bread and go to sleep each thief staying on watch in turn.  Kinda is last to take her turn as guard.

Kinda smiles at Blaz as he awakes.  “Night is coming on fast, so soon we will have to get moving.”  Blaz sits up and yawns.  “You slept soundly.”

Blaz stretches and stands.  He looks at the dampened cinders from the lunch earlier.  “Not really.  All those years not being allowed to move or make a sound in my sleep really made an impact.  I told you about my childhood, remember?”

Kinda nods.  “Yeah.  So after getting a good stable household why did you return to the life of thieving?”

Blaz shrugs.  He kicks at the cinders and smiles devilishly.  “Burning the woods sounds like fun.”

“You changed the topic.  And we are not here to burn the woods.  We are here only to rest and continue on our way.  We should wake Baqer up, though.”  She looks over at the sleeping old man.  He seems peaceful and weak asleep.

Blaz sighs.  “Yeah, I guess.”  He taps Baqer on the back.  Baqer quickly grabs at Blaz’s arm and jumps up to cover his mouth before he screams.  “Mmhp.”

Baqer chuckles.  “I still got it.”  He lets go of Blaz.

“Why do you guys keep covering my mouth?”  Blaz angrily asks.

Kinda grins, “We know you would scream or yelp or something to make noise and we can’t have that now can we?”  She chuckles at Blaz’s frustration.  Kinda rubs Blaz’s back and slowly pulls her dagger out and points it at his back.  Blaz stiffens.  “You shouldn’t stiffen, it shows fear.  Stay relaxed.”

Blaz grunts and relaxes with the dagger at his back.  “Why is it beat up on me day?”

Baqer laughs.  “Because it is so easy.  You let your guard down, but enough fun lets continue, we should make it to the prison by daybreak.  We most likely will not eat again until the return safely back to Mrs. Dreame house.  Hurry, you need to move faster today.”  He flees through the woods again.  The two young thieves follow.

By the morning rising of the sun in the sky they were within reach of the prison.  It was well guarded from the outside.  Baqer finds a good close hiding spot to the prison.  “Okay.  By my calculations normally the inside is guarded twice as much as the outside.  Blaz, I want you to search around the entire prison and count how many guards are on shift both on the ramparts and on the ground if any.  Kinda, search for entrance around the entire prison.  You two better keep hidden.  I have my own work to do, I know a few guards on the inside.  Meet back at this spot as soon as possible.  If there are guards be cautious.  We do not want to be seen as thieves or murderers, no matter if we really are or not.”  He waves them off.  Baqer smiles as he watches them go in their different directions.  “I hope they return,” he says quietly to himself.  He sighs and pulls off his clothes.  “Time to test my true self.  It’s good being an old man.”  He runs in with only a small cloth protecting his gonads.  At the main entrance he screams at the guards, “Help! This weird creature stole all my clothes and money and food.  I have no idea where I am.  Where am I?”

The guards laugh at him.  One decides to play along, “Oh, a weird creature?  What did it look like?”

“It had long thin arms dozens of them with small greenish ovals covering it.  It seemed as big as the sky!  I don’t know what to do?  I am getting cold.”

The guards laugh.  “Well, might as well bring him inside and give him clothes and some rations.  I do not want some old man to die at our door step while I’m on duty.”

Another guard quickly pulls out his keys.  “The rules say to help and protect the innocent and this is a weakling thus meaning an innocent, right?”

The guards agree.  Baqer gets let in with two guards so he doesn’t do anything crazy.


Kinda looks closely at the gates.  ‘The big one in the front near where we have our hiding spot.  A side one highly guarded.  A large gate in back not in much use, half the amount of guards as the front.  And a crack in the wall on the other side with no one seemingly to have knowledge of it.’  She smiles and sneaks over to the crack.  She looks inside.  A room with a solid oak door, unused.  The room should be used for storage when needed, but it seems unneeded.  She snuck back to the hiding spot, but notices a man standing in the spot they said to return to.  She walks into the small opening and greets the man.  “Hello?”

The man grins at her.  “Hello, hello.  And who are you?”  He says in a most disgustingly seductive voice.  Kinda nearly gags.

“Miss Yukoa.”  She smiles.  “Who are you?”

“Your dream man.”  He grabs her, throwing her to the ground trying to rib off her clothes.  Kinda fumbles to reach anything she can use to fend him off.  She reaches her dagger and digs it into the man.  She becomes covered with the man’s blood.  She tries to fix her torn shirt and clean the mess she had to create out of need.  She puts her dagger away and sits cross-legged not far from the spot they were to meet.

Blaz soon returns.  He spots the body lying in a heap under a bush.  He gets nervous, pulls out his dagger, and calls around in a low dangerous voice, “Who is here?”

Kinda sighs and whispers, “I did it.  I can explain.”

Blaz notices his companion soaked with blood and with torn clothing.  “What happened?”  He bends down to kneel next to her.  “Tell me.”

Kinda stares at the ground.  She tells him everything with an unmoving look to her face as if dead.  As she finishes, Blaz becomes infuriated.  “I did what I had to do.”

Blaz nods.  “I would’ve done the same, don’t worry.  Baqer should be back soon.  What did you find?”

Baqer stumbles in from the point farthest away from the prison.  “They took me all the way back to town in this.”  He curses in arm gestures at the brown and white clothing the guards had given him.  He quickly changes and slicks back his hair using the water he was given.  He throws some bit of food he had left at his young companions.  “Now, which one of you killed the man over there and what did you find?”

“Kinda did.  There are a total of 30 man on the ramparts evenly space.  About a dozen total at the gates and three just traveling around the prison itself.  About 4 at the main one. Two at the back and the rest at that side entrance when I passed.  They could have changed between half to double on the ground depending on how they take breaks and change shifts.”

Kinda still sitting staring at the ground lowly answers, “The main gate and back gate.  The side gate and a large crack in the wall.  We should be able to enter it one at a time if we squeeze ourselves.  It empties into a storage room that is being unused.  No guards get a good view of it because of how close the trees and underbrush get to it.  Perfect spot to enter.”

Baqer nods.  “With that as a good entrance and the back gate a good exit; let us look at the map.”  He pulls out a helpless piece of paper with a drawing of the insides of the prison.  It happened to be only one level with the only the ramparts reaching a second floor.  It must’ve been built poorly.

***This was my eighteen year old self’s writer’s block stopping point.  As I said I’d want to fully rewrite it using my much more skilled and advanced 30-something year old writer mind.  But I hope you liked the short series as it was written.

Next week will begin a new adventure with a new cast and crew.

[WIP: Religious Alpha] [Cat Hartliebe’s Books] [About Cat Hartliebe]

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