Poem: Snowman Keith

<I need more snow; always more snow>
<This poem can be found in Poem a Day May 2015.>

Snowman Keith

The one thing I miss most truly
About the wintertime
About the grueling snowy conditions
About the balls of blasted white
I mean not the hours of tending
To the walkway filled with snow

I cannot condone the fights
With target practice of hardened woe
The casual glances of whether school is out
The truth of wanting my job to shut down
I really do not mind missing all of that
The one piece I cannot forget about
Is the one who wears the top hat.

His vestment uses buttons.
His arms as thin as sticks.
His eyes must not see far
Given the coins I stuck in them.
His perpetual smile made not from lips and teeth.
The one I truly long for
Is my perfect snowman Keith.

Keith was no Olaf
He did not care for hugs.
He sometimes looked mad
When my brother made him up.
I figured he would be happier
Somewhere cold at night
And every spring I sigh
Watching him disappear from sight.

I miss my friend of winter.
He comes soon after Jack.
His icy smiles makes me long
For winter’s cruel attack.
Even though I have grown up
I seek him each year yet.
My children make up Keith
With mittens, scarf and pet.

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