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Alright you have the beginning of Cyro’s Middling Adventures.  I haven’t worked on it lately, but if I do, I’ll probably post it now that I have the start here.
Then you have my Religious Alpha series of shorts.  I really do love Religious Alpha.  It’s cute and where I got the ideas haven’t disappeared.  I’ll probably never “finish” Religious Alpha, but a lot of the plot lines and ideas migrated to other stories.  It’s just one of those I won’t be going back to without a lot of push.
Now I will set up a completed story that’s really set up more as a series of shorts than one clear cut story.  There are 50 chapters though, so this will be going on for a while.  The story was taking names of my friends and shoving them into characters, so every name in here is attached to someone and dedicated to that someone.  If you’ve been my friend for a while now, you’ll probably see your name.  (And if you don’t let me know.  Book 2 will be continuing the fun insanity of Dominik.)

The Dragon’s Quest for Hopper starts off as any other low brow elf seeking a real place in life.  He didn’t think the real place would be babysitter to a dragon.  Part of him wishes the dragon mother decided on eating him instead of shoving him into this new role.  What was he thinking getting involved with Linda or Hartliebe or thinking he deserved more in life than running a beer company.  Beer is his life.  Or it was.  His life now seems a lot different.  And scary.
Genres: Adventure, fantasy

the dragons quest for hopper att 1 full

If you are interested in a full print copy, give me a message. The first story of about 50 chapters is set up for a print book. It’s not final copy, but I made it for a friend (Dominik).

David and Dominik

Will, David, Jay, and John are my friends.  We drink, smoke, do all sorts of things together, and have never thought of a day where the others wouldn’t be there to act out with.  As the bigger than average fella, I got all the rejects of the other four.  I never minded too much.  Elves have a social image, a stereotype if you will and I do not fit it.  Never have, probably never will.

Will has the common grey eyes and silver hair you find among us, but so bright my colors look plain and lifeless.  David and Jay are twins.  I can only tell them apart when they talk.  David has a higher voice.  Jay tends to make the crueler jokes.  I don’t mean, yo momma’s so fat jokes, more like dead baby jokes.  Even I won’t go that far.  John has the exotic touches, almost like he belongs in wheat fields not our nightshade forest.  John has first dips.  Will, David, and Jay go for next and I always get whoever no one else wants.  And often they call me by my friend’s name.

“Dominik, are you in tonight?”  David asks me and elbows me in the arm.  “Harvest calls for fun, fun, fun!”

“Yeah, no doubt.  I’m in.”  As the wing man.  Everyone needs a fat friend, they say.  That’s how I can be with them.  I am starting to see it as a joke.

“Bring the beer to the hollow stump.  It’ll be wild.”  John clicks his tongue excited.  “I think I’ll go for Double Trouble tonight.”  The twins we nicknamed Double Trouble are the wildest pair in the area.  They hook up as a pair with random guys and girls.  I am always half way between disgusted and lustful when the twins kiss each other.

“Grace will be my goal.”  Will glows thinking of the female he has been courting.  Almost seriously. Although, we aren’t allowed to bring that up.  He still has the occasional fling besides her.  She is smoking hot and has eyes for Will alone.  As far as I know anyway.

“Jade.”  David taps his chest.

“She has said no how many times now?”  Jay jokes.

David shrugs.  “Ninth’s time the charm.”

John moves in looking half bored by the topic.  “You don’t seem so much into the game anymore, David.  One girl.”  He waves his finger in the air looking to Will without speaking.

“I’m doing six.”  Jay holds up his fingers to show off his goals.  “Playing six girls is fun.”

Will looks Jay up and down.  “Do they know?”

He laughs as a response.  “Why would they?  Six good friends too.  I am either gonna let them know tonight or find two or three more to add.”  He taps his chin planning.

Will, David, and even John shake their head.  Jay is the cruelest for sure.  I place my hands behind my head.  Bring the beer.  And save them if the uglier girls come up to them.  My jobs are like every other time.  “An hour then?”

“Hell yes!”  Jay flutters his wings.  His excitement could not be any wilder.

Being an elf at such a young age is fun.  I walk off while they take to wing.  I did not want to follow them.  Part of me does not want to go tonight.  I want to party.  I want to drink, flirt, and play the game.  But I do not want to be handed uncovered jewels who do not want me.

When the others are out of sight, I go into the air for my destination.  The reason I always have to bring the beer is because my family runs the process.  We collect wheat from the wheat fields, dew from the meadows, and fungus from the dark side of the woods.  I tend to be on trips for one such item or another.  As much as partying and my friends hold a pull for me, I rather go on my quests for beer ingredients right now.

“Four barrels.”  Father shoves his notes into his pocket before going pass me.


“Carminio.”  He states like my questions mean nothing.

Somehow that made little sense.  “Lord Carminio?”  The lord and his daughter never order any beer from us.  They want wine from the capital.  I think they hate living in our neck of the woods.

“Yes.  It seems he is giving it as a birthday gift to his daughter.  She asked for something she never had before.”  Father picks up a barrel and places it on a cart.  Then he does so with a second before glaring at me.  I help him with the final two.  “Your job.”

“Wait, Father…”  I go to pull the cart.  He pauses waiting for me.  “Tonight, can I bring a keg or two for the party?”

“Out of your salary.”  He shrugs it off.  “And after work is done.”

“I did my chores…”

Father points at the cart with barrels.  “After.”  No other word from the sturdy elf.  I throw my bulk into pulling the cart.  This is why I am the fat elf.  I gain the bulk from working like this.  My father, my mother, and my grandfather are all big.

I go up to the lord’s home.  The tree it stands within could not be called small.  I sometimes imagine myself standing on the great boughs thinking.  Weird thoughts which has me surprised by the woman standing before me.

The lord’s daughter is only a slight younger than me.  Her eyes grey look bored with life.  “Yes?”

“Four barrels of our best beer for your birthday.”  I motion to the beer behind me.

“Bring them in.”  She flies off.  Her frail form probably couldn’t lift the barrels, but I can do so easily.  Four flights to get the barrels where she desired them.  As I place the last one beside her in the tree, she offers no thanks.  No tip.  No nothing.  Besides a long drawn out poorly crafted sigh.  She ignores me pulling out a book that seems well read to the point of crumbling.

“Um…”  Did they already pay?  I did not ask.  I cannot ask about it actually.  We never had dealings with the lord before, but I heard he pays people as he sees fit.  I clap my hands done.  “So that’s it then.”

She looks up at me.  The bored eyes bore into me.  I feel my breath shorten at the stare.  “Yes?”

Something.  I gotta say something.  Oh right, Father said she wants something she never had before.  “There will be party at the hollow stump tonight.”  I look away from her stare.  She turns back to her book.  No words.  No acceptance.  No denial.  Right, Lord’s daughter.

Whatever.  I tap the barrels making sure they were safe before leaving.  Tonight I will get someone to touch me, drink with me, maybe even desire me.  I shake off the idea.  Fat elves do not gain relationships easily.  Someone will end up wedding me because I gain the beer business and they want a piece of that.

By the time I have the beer to the hollow stump others have shown.  Some bring their own which does not bother me in a least.  Sometimes I make them pay to get a swig.  If I dislike them or my friends want to gain some cash for something.  Tonight, though, I will let it sit there alone.

My movement through the beginning of the party is ignored.  Four others have shown and already paired off.  Perhaps not with their chosen partners, but not with me.  I doubt they even notice I showed.  I flutter around the grounds checking perimeters and security check marks.  If something is not done I would need to tell one of the mages who show before they start drinking.  That is always a challenge.  But things look good.

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