SS The Dragons Quest for Hopper:: Chapter 2 : Jay and Dominik

The Dragon’s Quest for Hopper starts off as any other low brow elf seeking a real place in life.  He didn’t think the real place would be babysitter to a dragon.  Part of him wishes the dragon mother decided on eating him instead of shoving him into this new role.  What was he thinking getting involved with Linda or Hartliebe or thinking he deserved more in life than running a beer company.  Beer is his life.  Or it was.  His life now seems a lot different.  And scary.
Genres: Adventure, fantasy
Let’s get the first few chapters out of the way first.

[WIP: The Dragon’s Quest for Hopper]

Jay and Dominik

“Early, I see.”  Jay holds a cup of beer already.  He looks clean yet, so he refrained from drinking before coming.  So he returns as if reading my thoughts, “Had homework to do.  Magic and alcohol do not mix.”  He hisses out.  “I learnt that the hard way.”

“We all learnt that the hard way.”  I chortle remembering the fire that killed his chances with Megan.  It took him an extra week to get with her.  I still haven’t gotten with a beauty like Megan.  She does not drink beer.  She always sticks to alcohol free drinks.  “Did you decide?”

Jay shrugs taking a deep sip of his cup.  After the cup becomes empty he answers, “Depends on if I see all six confused or if I see a hot chick first.  I figured I will wait for the fates to guide my quest.”

Normal.  His words are just like every other time he has decisions to make.  Leave it to the fates.  I nod not willing to go into his discussions.  Before he drinks he can talk a rabbit into being dinner.  Mages can do that.  I am nothing like him when it comes to words.  I am blunt, callous, and often times rude.  It causes me to be silent.

“Who are you eyeing?”  Jay asks following me back to my keg.

I offer myself a drink before answering.  “Whoever is willing.”

“I’ll toss one your way if I get bored.”  Which from his antics is often.  I cannot count high enough the number of times he has sent me a girl because he was bored.  If the girl wasn’t drunk, she would just walk away from me.  The times Jay had to refrain from drinking during one of these parties, every single person got laid and normally not who they wanted to.

Even I have my limits.  I think I have more limits than Jay.  But he will marry well.  All mages end up attached higher in society.  He may even move into a city.  I will never move.  I am stuck here.  “Thanks.”

“No need to thank me.”  Jay grins cruelly.  If I was told six years from now he is a murderer, I would believe it.  I cannot accept his offering as much as I did when we first started this friendship.

However I cannot turn him away either.  I focus on the keg while Jay goes to see who is here.  More people have shown and my job will be when desperation kicks in.  For now, I am free to just watch until someone who may want me walks through the ‘door’.

John, Will, and David show up soon after Jay drags a female behind a tree.  I tried my hardest not to hear them, but I could until someone was kind enough to turn the music up.  I do not care who he did.  That does not affect me.

“Your beer is nice.”  The voice, bland as it is, holds compliment.  I turn to see a female.  I drop to the ground at her bored eyes, and slight body.  Crap, the lord’s daughter came?  “Father always told me to offer compliment and tip when given an item of dear worth.”  She holds out a bag of coins looking solemn.

I take the coin bag without thinking.  She turns to go and I am quick enough to stop her with a gentle touch to her shoulder.  “Wait.  Why did you…?”

She stares at me; her eyes bore into me like I could burn up any second and she cannot miss it.  Then she blinks and a gust drifts through my body sending warmth across.  “Why did I do what?”

“I don’t know.”  I look at my feet letting her go, but now she just stands there staring.  As I look up her eyes do not seem as direct or as powerful.  I blink wanting to see if that would come back.  No.  She is normal now.

She exhales loudly, annoyed greatly.  “You stop me for no reason.  I have…”

“Nothing to do.  Everyone is here.”  I motion to the party behind us.  No one noticed she arrived.  She is sneaky then.  No one bothers to notice me.

“My job is to become next lord.  There is always something to do.”

“What about have fun?”  I ask.

She holds me with her eyes for a long moment, then blinks again.  I watch as the grey eyes disappear and return.  She looks more normal after every blink.  “You stare too much.”

“That was not an answer.”  I smirk feeling like a won a battle.

Her eyes thin glaring at me.  I kind of want to preen with such direct attention.  “Weirdo.”  She turns away to walk off.  Her gait is smooth and slow.  “I’ll buy again.”

I watch her.  Her body is thin and wirily.  She is haughty and seems so secure.  She lacks fun.  Her words have me realizing I will see her again.  When I realize that, she is long gone, so I cannot tell her to wait.  I have to wait until next time.  I turn back to the party thinking of the next time.  What will I say to her?  What will she say?

“You’re Jay’s friend.”  A girl, drunk on something, giggles while checking me out.  Her words are slurred and her wings keep her standing more than her feet.  It makes people stay back.


“Good.”  She drops her cup and lunges for me.  I tense up until her lips find my mouth.  Her fingers scan me and I realize Jay did offer me something as promised.  He is normally good like that.  But my mind is focused on my work not on my pants.  When she finds out I am not turned on, she squeezes.  “You need some work before we can continue.”

Right there on the side of the party, she drops my pants and sets to work on getting me hard.  My response is not embarrassment, this has happened before.  My response is to pull her back up.  “Go home, Kim.  You need to rest.”

As I stare into her eyes trying to show direction, she stares back ready to continue with kisses and touches.  Leftovers are all I get.  Kim has been my partner before and she is not the greatest.  My friends and I agree on that.  She is not good in the sack, but she is a good trophy on the arm.  She spits when I do not leave before the drunkenness wears off.

I sigh when she suckles my neck fiddling with my wang still left in the open.  I push her off, pull my pants up, and begin to bring her home.  I am one of the few in the entire party who stays sober enough and is strong enough to bring others home.  Instead of playing with Kim, I decide to skip the fun that comes with the party.

Tonight, I really want to review the order Carminio acquired and the payment I just received.  Father said I could party after my work is done.  Now my work is not done and I know this will be important if the daughter becomes a reoccurring customer.

As I head for my home, I question if I even know her name.  Since we rarely see her and the position as lord’s daughter is so important, I never even asked her name.  Crap.  That is not how I should be doing things.  Plus I did not say happy birthday, a common response when you know it’s someone’s birthday.  I am such an idiot.

Two days later, I sit with my friends in the woods lit handspun smoke between us.  “Last night was…”  Jay blows out a cloud of smoke relaxed given the circumstances.  “Michelle and Kerry were all over me.  I thought they would be pissed after finding out.”

David takes a big drag of his smoke before speaking.  The slowness relaxes me after the back breaking day I had.  “Jade said maybe next time.  I think the thirteenth is a good number for us.”

“When will you stop chasing her?”  John asks knocking David with his knuckle.  “She said no.”

“Quitters never win.  Winners never quit.”  David grins leaning back on his log.  He leans too far falling off.  He starts laughing like a fool because of the action.  “She’ll give in.”

John rolls his eyes pulling David’s smoke away.  “You are foolish.”

“Not as bad as Dominik.”  David sits back on his log.  Once there he takes his smoke back.  “He hasn’t gotten laid in three days.”

“Yeah, what the hell?  I sent Kim and Katie at you.”  Jay glares my way.

I inhale for a long time savoring the taste.  They can make comment all they want.  Kim sucks in bed and Katie is ugly.  No thanks.  “Those are some sloppy seconds you offer.”

Jay kicks me.  His foot does no damage.  He couldn’t hurt me physically if he tried.  Magically?  I could be dead in seconds.  “Be grateful I offer you something.”

My nose crinkles at the idea.  Be grateful for hand-me-downs.  Be grateful to be the wingman for the guys everyone wants.  I probably would not even know about Kim sucking in bed without them.  But why would I want to know someone is bad in bed?  I stand up tossing my smoke at the ground and dousing it with my foot.  “I have work.”

“Wait!”  Jay calls to me.  “Tonight?  Are you coming?”

“I’ll think about it.”  I reply not at all interested in going.  Wingman and beer guy.  It wears on me.  Perhaps I will copy the Lord’s daughter and read all night.  I roll my eyes at my own idea.  I could not pretend to be her nor could I read all night.  I would fall sleep after the first row of letters.  Which reminds me I still do not know her name.  When I came home the other night I could not find it.  Someone has to know.

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